“I enjoyed my internship at Internshala”

VaibhavVaibhav Gupta, currently pursuing Computer Science & Engineering from Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology, worked as a Web and Content Development intern during his time at Internshala.

There are few sentences, for example ‘Christiano Ronaldo giving a lecture on Astrophysics’ or ‘Emraan Hashmi deterring himself from kissing scenes in movies ‘ or ‘Someone somewhere enjoyed his internship’ , I used to think I would never come across in my wildest of dreams.

I used to think of ‘internship’ as some sort of medicine that has to be shoved down every student’s throat; a civilized form of slavery where a person has to work 7 days a week being paid in pennies or not at all. Those were the preconceived notions I had about internships. Soul stirring, aren’t they? But something happened recently that not only helped me to eclipse my thinking but also showed me what a great ‘change maker’ time is. And here I am, witnessing the utmost pleasure in writing what I never thought I would.

The first week of April marks the commencement of this epoch. I got to know about an internship opportunity from my roommate who happens to be a very good friend. I was hesitant initially because of the above mentioned reasons, but he succeeded in convincing me and I thought of giving it a try. But even at that moment I could not envisage any fruitful outcome.

I got to know that I had to develop tutorials for the training portal that the company was about to start. OK, easy enough. And I will be provided with a stipend too. Come again. Did I hear stipend? Is it really s-t-i-p-e-n-d that I just heard?? I found it hard to believe initially, but when I did, I could feel the smoke around me settling down and soon the picture became clearer, kicking me out of the state of disquiet and disarray.

A ‘learning opportunity’, a ‘healthy stipend’ and of course, for those who have been wondering that how did I managed my internship in April, ‘Work from home’. It all seemed to be fitting perfectly into the groove of imagination.

I was a little cautious and not to mention, nervous during the early phase, troubling my mentor for the slightest doubt I encountered – of course, no one wants to mess up things on the first week of joining. But soon I got accustomed to the work. I was assigned the weekly deadlines to finish my work which eventually made my life easier as I did not need to put up the daily show. All that mattered was what I had done at the end of the week. I know many of my company officials might read this, but to be really honest, I did take full advantage of this leeway.

The weekdays saw no significant change from the regular schedule. I continued playing cricket, watching movies and enjoying with my PG mates, albeit weekend was a different ball game altogether. I used to wake up timely in the morning, sit in front of the desktop and have all my meals looking at the computer screen and listening to ‘Aashiqui 2’ songs. Well, my motto was simple: Why work for the entire week when I can ‘efficiently’ finish the work in two days!

The same schedule continued for the entire tenure of my internship. There were times when I got utterly confused, felt like smashing my head onto the keyboard or just felt like quitting. But Mr. Optimistic inside me never allowed me to do so. He encouraged me to fight the odds, helped me to conquer the difficulties and whenever I felt like quitting, he used to come up with a line ‘Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost’. Apart from two or three instances when I needed Mr. Optimistic to show me the way, everything went flawless and I finished the work I was supposed to, without missing any deadline.

It was a great learning experience, not only at the technical and professional level but also at a personal level. It helped Mr. Optimistic inside me to grow stronger and I was more patient and wiser by the end of it.

Will this internship turn out to be a turning point in my life, only time can tell. But at the moment, I am very happy and content to say that I enjoyed my internship at Internshala!

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