Summer internship with Cine Darbaar – Anubha Sarkar from Jamia Millia Islamia

Daily Winner for: –  11th August 2013Anubha

Name of the intern: – Anubha Sarkar

Institute: –  Jamia Millia Islamia

Organization interned with: – Cine Darbaar

This summer I got an opportunity to intern with Cine Darbaar, which is an organisation engaged in organizing art, culture and cine programs for places like the American Centre, Japan Foundation etc. They were also instrumental in organizing the Delhi Literature Festival this year.

My bosses were very young and extremely chilled out and hence I shared a very friendly rapport with them. I never felt any hesitation in approaching them and many a times we would just talk and have a laugh. They believed that an intern should be given every opportunity to apply their skills and hence I would be involved in multiple projects of theirs. For example, they were shooting a documentary on the Sindhi Community in Delhi. I was sent with the team to shoot some stills for the same. As a mass communication student, this gave me hands on practice. In addition, for their projects related to cinema and art, I would research on the topics and then draw up a programme complete with the aims of the project and proposed activities. This entailed that I put all my faculties such as writing, researching, planning etc to use. Simultaneously during this process I gained knowledge on different forms of culture, world cinema and art. This exposed me to different forms of creativity and expression.

My bosses were also hard taskmasters. If they weren’t satisfied with my output, they would encourage me to make full use of my capabilities. For me that was my biggest learning, there were times when I was exhausted and kept wracking my brains on how to improve things, but it also taught me to strive for 100% and that it ain’t easy, but the end result is worth it. The fact that they were young helped since I could approach them with any problems I was facing and they would readily help.

The office in total had 8 people working including me and hence the work environment was very cosy and during lunch time all of us would share food, share anecdotes and have a good laugh. The camaraderie that I shared with all,made going to the office daily a fun venture, I would be eager to go everyday.

On my last day, I was genuinely sad to leave. I gifted my bosses origami dolls and also penned a poem surmising my time at the internship. In the course of 6 weeks I had gathered and learnt so much. Most importantly I forged friendships and I’m still in touch with my bosses. My boss would affectionately call me Captain. And indeed, my internship gave me the confidence to strive to be a Captain in all my future endeavours.

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