Summer Internship with Down to Earth, Center for Science and Environment – Pranav Dadhich from University School of Chemical Technology, GGSIPU

Daily Winner for: –  15th August 2013Pranav

Name of the intern: – Pranav Dadhich

Institute: –  University School of Chemical Technology, GGSIPU

Organization interned with: – Down to Earth, Center for Science and Environment

2nd year of the college ended and hence started the internship scenario. Being a chemical engineering student, industrial training is an important part of our studies. So people flung towards famous brand names viz IOCL, ONGC and many other companies. The general perspective of a normal Engineering student towards internship is about getting the certificate and not the knowledge behind it. Many people I knew did the same. But I was just not into industries at that point of time. I wanted to do something different, something that had no connection with my studies whatsoever. Something, that introduced me to a new world altogether.

So, I consulted my dad and he came up with an amazing solution. He advised me to join Down to Earth, a fortnightly science and technology magazine. I was not sure at first, since I had no knowledge of what happened in a magazine firm. But I took it as a challenge and decided to go forward with this thought.

My experience at Down to Earth was very educational and enriching. Without a doubt, the two aspects I enjoyed the most about my internship were the people I met and the overall learning experience. I got to know an entirely different work atmosphere. I discovered firsthand, the inputs required in making of a magazine. Being a science reporter, I read many research papers from varied backgrounds and was amazed reading about all the researches going around in this world. In the process of reading these papers I became clear about my future plans, I surely want to go for a research background now. A major complication of my life is now being solved, thanks to this internship.

Working environment is literally very educative and full of great minds, something you’ll not have at every other institution. I got to learn a lot under their supervision and came to know how an article is written for a science magazine and what all hard work it takes to get a single article published. This required taking opinions of the authors of the research papers as well experts of that field, which was a first for me. I consider myself lucky that I got this internship because it is surely different from what all of my friends did.
The hard work I put in a month of this internship has turned out to be fruitful. I got 3 of my articles published in the magazine. A year ago, I had never imagined that my name will appear in a mainstream magazine of India. I am happy I did not go for those clichéd industrial internships. Just a little tip for the juniors, you only have 4 years of college life, explore yourself as much as you can. Go for something offbeat, challenge yourself. And as Baba Ranchoddass said, “Pursue excellence and success will follow.”

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