Summer Internship with Larsen & Toubro – Vamshi Krishna from IIT(BHU)

Daily Winner for: –  7th August 2013Vamshi

Name of the intern: – Vamshi Krishna

Institute: –  IIT(BHU)

Organization interned with: – Larsen & Toubro

It was in the month of April, around a week prior to my end semester examinations of my sixth semester, I really started looking for an internship. Being a Civil Engineering student from a renowned IIT, I thought that an internship in a famous civil engineering company would add to my credits. So, Larsen and Toubro, famously known as L&T was my obvious choice (to be frank, only for the sake of a certificate; I had no interest in working or learning something) and being a Hyderabadi, I chose L&T Metro Hyderabad. And with the contacts I had in L&T, I easily got the offer letter for my internship without the requirement of many formalities.

24th May, 2013, Friday was my first day of my internship. Habituated to getting late to the classes in my three years of engineering life, I was also late to my internship that day. As stated earlier, being uninterested in the work carried out in L&T Metro, I thought of just giving the attendance in the morning session and then leave the site. But on that day, I had to stay for the whole day to complete some basic formalities and get my L&T identity card. We interns were about thirty in number, each one pursuing their engineering from various colleges and universities. We were divided into six groups of five members each and a mentor was allotted to each group, for guiding us throughout the internship. Then, when I was randomly looking at the faces of my co-interns, I saw a girl named Kavya, belonging to some other group. But, she did not notice me. She was talking to her group members in a sweet voice. Oh god! She was my school mate, who, my friends and I used to make fun of, calling her fatty, dumb, pumpkin etc. But, she was looking gorgeous in the white dress she wore that day. I was seeing her after five years. For some time I just could not believe myself, if she was the same girl from my school. May be the quality of girls present at IITs would have surprised me, looking at such a beauty from a very close distance. I fell in love (or may be a crush) with her at my very first sight of her. When I was about to approach her to start conversation, our project head instructed us to go and meet our respective mentors. In the latter part of the day I did not find her around, as the site was very huge in size. The next two days were holidays for us, and this made me go mad. I was so desperate to meet her. As soon as I reached home in the evening, I searched for her on Facebook. I found her profile easily and I completely lost myself in staring at her pictures. She was beautiful. In those two days, I spent around ten hours looking at her pictures. After all she was my first crush. Eventually, her cover page had become my Facebook homepage.

On Monday, I was late to the site. Finally, I got a chance to meet her in the lunch hour. But I had many doubts in my mind like if she still remembered me. At last I gained courage and went to her and said hi. She too said hi and to my surprise she recognized me. She remembered every little thing that happened in our class and school. We both laughed at remembering the way I used to make fun of her. As the days passed by, we used to share every moment we had in our school days. Fortunately, our two groups were clubbed as some interns from our two groups left the internship for some reasons. Who knows, if she was not present there, I too would have left the internship. I used to reach the site early and leave very late to spend maximum time with her. She entered my life as a lead guitarist which used to be like a bass guitar. I enjoyed every second spent with her. I never concentrated on the work going on in the site. I just used to wait for the chances to stare at her. Whenever our mentor asked us some questions, I used to stay dumb and she used to answer them quickly. She used to laugh at me, but I enjoyed those moments. Time flew away and one month passed in a jiffy.

Finally came the last day of our internship. We finished the required formalities and we were asked to submit our project reports in a week or so. In the evening we both went to a food court nearby. After we had some conversation, all of a sudden my mind went out of control and I proposed her for love. But she softly rejected my proposal saying that she already was in a relationship with some other guy in her college. She said sorry and left the place. I was completely shattered and I almost had a heart break. I was almost in tears standing there alone and I was really angry on her. I did not try to meet her after that day. I did not understand why girls don’t give even a slightest hint about their relationship status when they hang out with boys around. Had I known about her relation earlier surely I would have tried to stay away from her. As the days passed by, I realized that it was my mistake proposing her without knowing much about her personal life.

Now, it has been more than a month and I am in my college preparing for my campus placements. I have many memories of her to cherish for my rest of life. Don’t know what happens in the future, but for now, whenever my mind asks me to go for another girl, my heart says LOVE HAS NO PAST. I still love her.

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  • September 1, 2013 at 5:44 PM

    I’m very keen to do a summer training with L&T.I’m from kolkata.Can you please help me to know how to apply for this thing???
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  • June 10, 2014 at 6:21 PM

    Is there any information related to internship? Instead of being “romeo” please put the information related to internship


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