Summer Internship with Technophilia Systems – Sajal Roy from Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus

Daily Winner for: –  21st August 2013Sajal

Name of the intern: – Sajal Roy

Institute: –  Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus

Organization interned with: – Technophilia Systems

It is the dream of most engineering students, eventually creating humans. Yes, I am talking about the fever of playing with our self-made robots.

This dream crept into my mind when I was just in 3rd semester. Today, Technopilia Systems Pvt Ltd has made my dream come true. After a lot of searching for an international internship program, fortunately I ended up at the web page of Technophila Systems. This brand has progressed in the field of robotics over the past 6 years and is leading in terms of providing robotic education to over 200 colleges and organizing India-US Robo League, popularly known as IURL .

The best part of this internship program was that it had both online and onsite internship programs, which also financially stable unlike relocating altogether to a different city. I pursued it from Pune, where I have relatives. The lectures were designed by RCAI, USA. I had to attend those online lectures, which I could do anytime round the clock, and the robotic kit was sent to my house via courier.

It was real fun and a great learning experience because the lectures were in the form of practical presentations and quite interactive. Moreover, the knowledge imparted through  these lectures was awesome. I could repeatedly hear the lectures for n number of times till I got it. It was a schedule of 15 days, so the lectures were designed as Day 1, Day 2 and so on. Not only this, excellent help was provided by the Technophilia Systems team to clear doubts. There were regular responses to e-mails, and if the doubt was still not cleared, then there were Skype calls.

In the end, I was able to make a robot covering the following areas:

1. Basic movement.
2. Sound activated robot.
3. Line follower.
4. Obstacle avoider.
5. Music robot.
6. Mobile DTMF controlled robot.
7. Accleration sensor ( Motion sensor robot)
8. Remote controlled (InfraRed ) robot.
9. UART communication

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