Interning with Internshala!

Tanya PandeyTanya, currently a 3rd year B.Tech, ECE student at JIIT Noida, encapsulates her expectations of interning with Internshala.

Hello Everyone! After managing to secure a brilliant Entrepreneurship internship at Internshala, I am all keyed up, energized and looking forward to working for one of India’s fastest growing start-ups and a hugely popular place for students to visit. It is indeed going to be an enriching experience, and I say that not due to employer obligations, but having read true stories of amazing professionalism and hearing about learning experiences at Internshala, first hand.

My tryst with the online internship portal was similar to that of thousands of other students’, who visited the website in search of meaningful internships. There are many websites in India at the moment catering to that specific need, but what sets Internshala apart is its continuous enhancement of level of credibility, its never-ending search for meaningful and elevating internships, and its desire to truly help students not just from the coveted institutes, but students all over the country, north or south, east or west. The fundamentals of any organization is a major factor in deciding its fate and with such a motivated team which takes every minute detail seriously, Internshala could not have gone wrong. And at the moment, it is spearheading students’ search for internships across the country.

Working for a company one connects with internally is every employee’s dream. Only then can you be an integral part of its plans, its strategy to go forward and make it grow remarkably. Only then can you think of sacrificing the minor nuances of life in order to make a company move forward. Except that at Internshala, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. You get to have fun, be creative and at the same time hone creative freedom. I strongly believe that working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labor go hand in hand, without one the other is of no use.

I am honored to have been given an opportunity to make a business ‘tick’, to promote its brand and to promote the novel idea behind its incorporation. In the coming months, I expect to have lots of new professional experiences, learn how to manage my academics along with the internship and more than anything, try to bring my own attributes to the company and associate with it. I expect to have fun, while simultaneously knowing that hard work has no substitute. There never has been, and never will be.

The tenure of my internship is in perfect alliance with my ideologies. A significant experience for both the employee and employer can be achieved only through a significant amount of time, wherein an employee fits into the system, brings his own methods of doing business and eventually becomes a part of the company’s ideology. In the case of an internship, working for a minimum of three months would result in the above mentioned, with the added freedom of still being in college!

So, before I take leave, I would like to express my gratitude towards Team Internshala for presenting me with this opportunity. It indeed hires ONLY the best :-).

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