My New Journey with Internshala

AmrutaAmruta, currently a 3rd year B.Tech, EE, student at IIT Jodhpur, shares her experience so far and expectations from her Internship with Internshala.

It was just 2 years back, when I was on cloud nine, had cleared supposedly the toughest exam of India, had enrolled in one of the most prestigious institutions and had thought that from then on there was no need to worry for at least 3 years, till the placement season! But in the summer of my first year, I noticed all the seniors talking about ‘Internships’ , ‘First Pay Cheques’ and blah blah on Facebook while I was at home doing absolutely nothing! The first thing I did, after coming back to college was to find out what this ‘Internship’ thing was all about? From there on my journey with Internshala began. One of my seniors told me to like the Facebook page of Internshala and to keep checking their website on a regular basis.

After a year from that time, when I came to third year, I was completely bored with my life. I was sick of running behind CPI, watching TV series; I really wanted something new and exciting to happen in my life. As SRK had correctly said “Kitni shiddat se tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai… Ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai.” (I am a big SRK fan).  I had uploaded my resume on ‘Internshala’ site and got a mail from Internshala asking whether I would like to join them as a ‘Campus Intern’. After a few telephonic interviews I had become a part of this young energetic team working really hard to build a brand name for themselves.

It’s a month now and it feels great to realize that I am doing some “real” work which is contributing to the team’s efforts. The team consists of recently passed out engineers and young entrepreneurs and all of them are very encouraging. There’s a tradition in Internshala, where the new interns have to play a game called “Pehchan Kaun” and have to call all other Team members and know about their profiles at Internshala. The game was real fun! Looking at all of them, I feel like even I have to make it big in my life but more importantly on my own terms.  I always wanted to do something ‘non-technical’ and this internship is providing me the chance to know more about ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Marketing’. In just a span of a few days, I have learnt to manage many things simultaneously in my life and it is really tough!

Lastly, I would like to thank one person, without whom all this wouldn’t have been possible, my mentor at Internshala, Shadab Alam. I have never seen anybody with so much of patience. He has never said ‘NO’ to me for anything. If I ask him, ‘Can I do it by tomorrow?’ he never has issues with that. I am looking forward to having some great time with you and learn new thing as much as possible!

P.S.: Even I got my first ‘Pay Cheque’ and my dad joked that, now he doesn’t need to give me pocket money!

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