My Journey into the Next – Gen Corporate World with Internshala

Prachi singhalAbout author – Prachi Singhal is a 3rd year Electrical Engineering student at BVM Engineering College, Gujarat Technical University and an entrepreneurship intern at Internshala.

Dreams keep on changing. At the dawn of my college life, I was full of dreams – I will do that; I will go there; I will have so much fun; and blah blah. But just after a few months, I was totally fed up with my college life, and wanted something new. My dreams changed, and now I wanted an awesome professional life, a corporate life – full of people with personality and attitude. I dreamed of enjoying those perky office moments – you rush to meet deadlines, gossip with your colleagues, and complain about your boss. I also wanted to learn through experience since learning by reading was never my cup of tea.

To fulfill these dreams, I needed an internship. After a number of planning and unsuccessful attempts, I finally have that one internship which, I sincerely believe, would give wings to all my dreams. Yes, I finally have landed an internship with Internshala

Internshala is an abode for interns. Whether you are a student looking for an internship, interning at some organization or interning at Internshala itself, Internshala always provides you with the best advices, mentorship, and experience.

Through Internshala, I plan to step into the world of next-gen corporate. I expect to learn all the skills and attributes of business and management – how to write; how to talk; what to do; what not to do, and everything.

Also, I have always wanted to do something which contributes towards our society– which makes me feel that “Yes, I have played my role of coming in this world” and through this internship, I expect to play a role, a real role in making internships a common phrase and activity for each and every student in India.

I belong to the category of women having a list of unending expectations from every person she meets and right now I am full of thoughts on how will this internship be; what will I learn; what will I achieve; what will I contribute and so on. Seriously, I have even thought of how this internship will help me in securing my next internship!

After all the ranting, at last, I just expect a beautiful journey with Internshala – full of leaning, fun and work!

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