10 winning ways to wow your boss

Many of us will be securing our internship in the coming months after having tried so hard and will be nervously waiting for the first day. Unless you are the founder or CEO, you will have to work under a mentor or manager, scarily known as a Boss in the real world. So what if you got that dream internship but failed to leave a mark on your boss? Here are some ways to avoid doing just that.

Disclaimer- The below in no way, directly or indirectly, relates to me or my boss ;)

1. Save her money: All bosses are under a lot of financial pressure and on top of that you expect her to pay your pizza bills too. Come up with money-saving strategies or ideas on how to save a few extra bucks. This is bound to work!

2. She has a weakness? Make THAT your strength! Okay, although this sounds evil, this should not distract you from your primary job. Study your boss’s skill set and subtly analyze her weakness, if any. You can steadily make yourself competent in that area and gradually your boss will begin to count on you.

3. Multitasking? Say NO if you can’t handle it! We all have an inherent urge to impress others by the sheer speed of our multitasking. But then there are those who are not good at it, or worse, fail at it. Be prepared to tell your boss you would excel in a task if given one at a time. Automatically, she will be impressed by the good work you have done in it.


4. Make them think your idea was theirs all along. Yes, give good credit to your boss and complement them on their brilliant idea which helped you a great deal in solving the problem. Deep down, feel great about yourself.

5. Under promise, over deliver. So if you’ve been handed an assignment, say that you’ll complete it in a week. On the 4th day, give her the finished assignment. What just happened there? You set the bar low (under promised), then exceeded the bar (over delivered)! By keeping expectations low and routinely exceeding them, you will steadily develop a good reputation. Make ambitious claims only if you can live up to them. 


6. Be a winner, not a whiner! So if you don’t know how to do something, try to figure it out firstly on your own. Google it, ask fellow interns or colleagues or ask your friends. Finally, when you feel no one has a clue, ask your boss. Remember, don’t ask her every little detail! However, never assume but always ask if you don’t know something or are doubtful.

7. Take criticism in the right way. Do not ever take criticism personally. Your boss has invested in you and has EVERY right to tell you how she thinks your performance can be improved. Take it in the right spirit and learn from the mistakes!

8. Boss is always right. Except when they’re not! Don’t be afraid to bring to her attention something she may have missed or something you feel is not appropriate going forward. Bosses appreciate that. That doesn’t mean you start questioning every one of her orders.

9. Be enthusiastic and fresh. Complaining about lack of sleep because you were up watching a soccer game is hardly what your boss wants to listen. Stay fresh and enthusiastic about your work or act like it in front of your manager and you will be replicated with the same enthusiasm!

10. Lastly, do not show that you want to impress her! Yes, that’s right. To sound clichéd, your boss graduated from the same school as you did. She would know all the tricks of the game. Stay cool, stay focused and don’t bring to your face what’s on your mind!

Ready to impress your boss? Find your internship and with these in mind, you are good to go! :-)

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