My First Internship Experience!!

Hanshika Gupta, currently a 3rd year Pulp and Paper Engineering student at IIT Roorkee, shares her first internship experience at Internshala.

“Life is a journey with problems to solve, 
lessons to learn and most of all, an EXPERIENCE to ENJOY!!!”

hanshika_picYes, like everyone else, my first internship has been an exciting endeavor in my life so far and I have the best memories associated with it.

My first day at Internshala began with a boom. It started off with a fun phone-call game which made me more excited about my future work and journey in the team. Everyone in the team have been very welcoming and encouraging, so I was able to sustain my enthusiasm for work all the time, and enjoyed my work and this journey.

I am super-excited in writing about my awesome experience and JOURNEY with Internshala (with less mistakes hopefully, thanks to Shadab :P). Journey is defined as “a situation where someone travels from one place to another”, and it aptly suits my transformation in the entire journey. I was able to learn about great stuffs that I might have never seen or experienced before. I learned a lot of fundae and had a good experience of dealing in a corporate world which helped me improve myself and skills during this internship.

For everyone, internships are short jobs to earn, learn and gain – skills and stuffs, but for me other than this, it is the best experience of discovering oneself and succeed in thinking out of box to express oneself. Definitely Internshala served as a great supporter, was always there for me, both during my good and bad times, and lastly gave me ample lot of memories to remember my whole life. At the end I just want to thank everyone for helping me through all times during my internship.

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