6 cool innovations for anybody and everybody!

innovationSome wise person has correctly said that necessity is the mother of innovation. Remember Aamir Khan’s definition of a machine in the movie 3 Idiots – “anything that makes our life simpler and easier in a cheaper and faster way is a machine!”? Technology is not just reading about the electrons and protons in an engineering college, but it is developing anything useful for anybody anywhere!

Here are a few cool innovations by an aam aadmi around us:

hands and feet spray1. Spray-on gloves and socks : Have you ever been irritated by the sticky plastic gloves? An 8th class student, Aditya Joshi, decided to solve thisproblem and invented a spray which can be used on your hands or feet to get snugly-fitted gloves or socks that can be easily peeled-off after use! Since the spray is water-proof and self-sealing, it provides excellent protection for anyone working with their hands and feet. It can be used by a factory worker handling dangerous chemicals, or a farmer standing bare-foot in water-filled paddy fields, and so on.

skaterboard2. Self-balancing skateboard : Are you scared of getting on a skateboard? This cool invention by Kalpesh Patil, Prateek Shah and Akash Patil will take away your phobia and will adjust itself the way you want it to. It uses the simple principle of ‘give a torque opposite to its angle with the vertical’ and balances you. You can find similar skateboards available in markets. The functioning can be seen in this sample video

incense-making-machine3. Bamboo splint-making machine : Paresh Panchal’s bamboo splint-making machine makes it possible for people in isolated villages to make incense sticks at low cost. Bamboo splint-making has been done manually for years using knives, which can be tedious, time-consuming and risky. The machine was awarded at the 7th annual presidential grassroots innovation awards in March, 2013. You can find more information about this innovation on this link.

tree-climber4. Mechanical Tree Climber : Remember the fun of climbing a tree when we were kids? But it’s not fun for the people who have to do this every day like the coconut collectors. The tree climber designed by Renganathan uses a ‘four- lock pin’ system to prevent falls. The device now sells across south Asia.


alarm clock5. Alarm Clock That Shocks You If You Press Snooze Button : Unable to get up in the morning even after putting 10 alarms? Sankalp Sinha- a 19 year old university student was facing the same problem. The young Indian genius was his university lectures because he was unable to get up in the morning on time. The snooze button was ruining his life so he invented a unique alarm clock that gives you a little something when you try snoozing it; an electric shock! If you wish to know about more scary alarms available in the market, you can go through this article

lassi_maker6. Lassi Maker : This is an example of jugaad innovations in India. The lassi blender can hardly make 3-4 glasses of lassi at a single moment. But what if you want 100 glasses at the same time? Simple solution! Use a washing machine.

Aren’t these ideas really innovative? If you or anyone you know have invented anything cooler than this and want everybody to know about it, please let us know in a comment.

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