6 Hobbies That Will Help

We see so many online articles on resume-writing tips and tutorial videos about how to make your resume more beautiful and well-formatted. But, what most of us forget to do is possess equally meaningful content to do justice to an intricately designed and edited resume.

what are your hobbies and interests

For most of us young interview candidates, when someone asks us what our hobbies and interests are, we seem puzzled and start to think ‘Okay what is it that really interests me and that I can openly admit and not even feel embarrassed of?’

Suddenly, we make our thinking as self-centred as possible but fail to come up with a single convincing passion that can help us safely get out this awkward question.

We end up with the depressing feeling, ‘Is my life really that boring and lame?’

Have you also faced a similar situation in life or rather in the middle of a high-stakes interview?

Well, have no fear, some interesting ideas are here!

These are 6 pastimes that you can try out to make yourself more productive and use your free-time to your own advantage at a later stage in life-

1. Quora:


In case you still haven’t heard of this intelligent Q&A social network, Quora, in simple terms, is kind of like a reincarnation of Wikipedia except that this version is much more interesting to use and has loads of crowd-sourced information shared with a pinch of perspective.

It has fascinating first-hand account of experiences from the people who have ‘been there and done that’ as answers to intriguing questions which can be informative like the question, What do recruiters look for in a resume at first glance? or even inspiring like the question, What does it feel like to be the CEO of a start-up?

Also, one of the best platforms for wannabe bloggers wanting to try their hand at writing in public domain!

Get hooked on to this one and emerge as one enlightened and insightful soul.

2. Learn Media-Editing:

Media editing

By media-editing, I mean try your hand at softwares such as Picasa and Windows Movie Maker for photos and videos respectively and then perhaps move towards more advanced ones such as Photoshop and Adobe After-Effects.

For starters, try creating a meme about one of your friends or making a video of all your college life pictures with some nice soothing songs in the background.

An eventual career alternative as a film maker? How cool is that!

3. Teach Yourself Android/Web Development:


Now, all you readers out there with a non-coding background, you need not be intimidated by this one. It’s really basic and manageable if you think about that awesome final product. I mean, in the end, you get your own freakin’ website or your self-coded Android App ready to be boasted about among your non-techie friends!

Plus, it’s not even that difficult considering we have resources as good as Vogella for Android Development or Internshala’s VTC for Web Development.

And if destiny has it, you might just hit create the next Facebook or Instagram!

4. Go Volunteer:


You could join as a volunteer in some non-profit organization such as Teach For India or any other NGO to help in their heart-touching social activities. If you’re looking to increase the number of important contacts in your phone’s contact list, go network while helping organize events and conferences such as TED or even ComicCon in your city.

So, go press that search button and enrol for all those worthwhile fellowships out there!

5. Enrol For Online Courses:

Online courses

Not sure which specialization to choose for your post-graduation? You can now enrol for and get a demo of the subjects which you’re confused about as well as a lot of other interesting courses available on educational websites such as Coursera and Udacity.

The best part here is that most of these courses are certified and even free of charge and you can learn whenever you have the time!

Plus, no one cares even if you doze off in the middle of a lecture! ;-)

6. Get Yourself A Content Media Internship:

Content media internship

This one is for all those budding writers out there who don’t know yet exactly what to write about. You’ll explore your writing skills with a mentor who’ll help you improve yourself while making sure that you don’t let go of this new-found hobby so easily.

And, you get to write articles like these which you hope could inspire a few people to adopt new hobbies in life.

In case, you need help finding this internship, just look at your address bar and you’ll be sorted. :-)

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