How I overcame my programming phobia

About the Author – Ravali Hemanth is a student of University of Windsor, Canada and one of the very first users of Internshala’s Online Summer Training on Web Development training. In this article, she describes her experience with the course and how it helped her overcome her phobia of programming.

Ravali Hemanth

Internshala – The one paathshala that helped me overcome my programming phobia.

Yes, coming from a core Electrical department, I was fine with circuits and machines but never was it the same with programming. I always thought coding was all about having a random sequence of letters and digits that made no sense to an amateur (Because then no one else would steal the code and maybe that is why software engineers get paid such hefty amounts!). So this is how my journey with Internshala started.

One lazy summer morning I keep browsing the web for hours in search of a meaningful “paid” internship. After several futile attempts, I check my mail to see if I have heard back from anyone yet and as I scroll past the tonnes of unread mail in my inbox, I see something that says “ Internshala Trainings”.  At first glance, it seemed interesting but then I didn’t want to bother because I was positive it would come at a hefty cost. I finally decided to see the demo just for the sake of not having anything better to do.  And shoot! Web development it was! Something I was meaning to do for a while but just couldn’t muster the courage because after all, it was programming (which I wanted to stay miles away from). The demo took me through the general outline of how the training would be split over a 6 week period involving the basics of both front end and back end development of an e-commerce website. Whoa! Designing a whole functional website in just 6 weeks? That needs quite some expertise I thought. I then go through the FAQs where it is clearly stated that it is a beginner’s course and no prior formal training is required. So in short, a duration of just a month and a half, an affordable fee, can be learned sitting at home in a relaxed atmosphere, at any time of the day/night, a beginner’s course and that too Web Development which seems to be quite in demand.  Too tempting an offer to resist, isn’t it? It got the sparks in my brain functioning at high power. What if I didn’t find a job this summer? This would be an awesome alternative. But what if I do find a job and not be able to devote time for this? After contemplating for a while and doing further research, I decided that going in for the Web Development course was the best option I had. And boy was my decision right!

When it comes to programming, you always have friends saying there are loads of online tutorials for free. But then I’m not someone who can work on my own without an external force (I’m a perfect example for Newton’s law of motion). And the way Internshala’s course was structured, it just gave me the perfect initial push and fueled my interest to keep going throughout the duration of the course.  The course was basically split into four modules with a quiz at the end of each module. Mind you, don’t even think of skipping the quiz, because without attempting it, you cannot move onto the next module.  The tutorials were perfectly comprehensive. The exercises at the end of the tutorials were fun.  The assignments were perfectly spaced.  And before I even realized it, I had my whole website up and functioning. Yo bro! I did it! All by myself (albeit with Internshala’s help.) I finally, finally, finally got over my whole programming phobia.

Oh crap! Did I not mention the absolutely lovely mentors? Okay before you guys get me hunted and killed for this, let me give you some credit. They are the coolest mentors you can have mostly because they belong to your peer group and know your needs perfectly well. And then there are times when they answer your questions even before you ask them. I’ve attached one of our chats just to get this point across. In addition to all this awesome help available, there is also a forum with a whole list of FAQs and you also get to vote for the best question. And don’t even worry about the final examination; if you do all the course work by yourself, you will definitely ace it.  At the end of it all, you even get a certificate to flaunt. But more important than that is the skills that you learn with ease through this Web Development course by Internshala Trainings. I now have to create a website as part of my school coursework but it seems so simple all thanks to the knowledge I’ve got from taking this online training. So faced with two options of take it or leave it, I’d say TAKE IT! You are going to be mighty happy with your decision.

PS: I am too eager to do another course with you.

PPS: You are doing a fantastic job! Keep going, people!

 An excerpt from one of my chats with a mentor just to show how awesome they are!

18:42 Ravali And just a couple a questions abt the final test
18:42 Vikram yes?
18:42 Vikram 40 questions, 40 minutes
18:43 Ravali gr8!
18:43 Ravali u r good at answering unasked questions
18:43 Vikram i know
18:43 Vikram yes
18:43 Vikram similar to the module tests
18:44 Vikram just multiple choice
18:44 Ravali ok by objective test what do u mean like multi-choice, fill in d blanks, T/F???
18:44 Vikram how does it matter?
18:44 Ravali It does
18:44 Ravali say suppose we don’t know the answer, we can’t choose in fill the blanks
18:45 Vikram hmm
18:45 Vikram that’s why you should know the answer

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  • April 13, 2014 at 10:33 AM

    how i can login in internshala summer training?

  • April 14, 2014 at 11:53 AM

    i’m a mechanical engineering student . can i learn web development . does it require IT knowledge ?

  • January 14, 2016 at 11:17 AM

    All right, you got the track…!!! good…

  • August 31, 2019 at 10:30 PM

    I learnt c/c++ from internshala’s training programme . The videos here were very short and very systematically arranged that makes it less boring and easy to understand. The code challenges here were very good. I loved the assignment problems and the project problem. For a beginner , it is good place to learn. Moreover you also get chances to participate at national level competitions through internshala after the completion of your training programme.


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