Rekindling the passion for programming – a statistician’s account

Pooja Arora, a Statistics (H) student at  Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University shares her experience of attending online Java training on Internshala VTC. An ardent lover of programming, she was missing on all the fun of school days when she used to top in her Computers class. The VTC training on Java appears to have reignited the fire in her! :)

Pooja Arora

My story is that I just love ‘love’ programming.

Because I had taken admission in Statistics (H) after my 12th, I was literally craving for an opportunity to do anything related to computers. I did get a few chances in my college, while studying SPSS, Excel and C but it was never enough! In school, we had C++ and I was amongst the toppers in this subject, and my teacher’s favorite student. But since school got over, I’ve really missed all that.

And when I won this online contest conducted by Internshala and got a chance to do the online training in Java – I was, obviously, very excited. I had heard that Java is a difficult language to learn. Many of my friends who were doing engineering had no clue about what the coding in Java is all about. My one friend even asked me if I can help him just in case I knew about it. As all my classmates from the school knew that I am someone who is interested in all this stuff.

From the training which I received from Internshala VTC, I have few points to quote. I have discovered that Java is very very very interesting. You just write the code once, and you can run it anywhere and everywhere, on any operating system. You can make applications by knowledge of Java. During the training, I did a project too, and it was really cool. We see that nowadays many people are making money through their creative ideas on designing android applications. It’s  immense. Sky is the limit. The platform is so huge. Once I’m done with my exams, I’m also going to try my hand at this. Right now I’m working on my vision and the plans. It is very exciting :D

Now the main thing that I wish to do.

“Thank you Internshala!”

The material was just so Fab. Everything was explained so nicely that any beginner will get to perceive the objective of each and every function. The examples, the exercises, and even taking the tests was complete fun! All my doubts were cleared on time either through the forum or through the LIVE chat. Now here I am, certified from Internshala after completing this amazing training. With some more knowledge in my head and one step closer to my destination ;D

If you are curious to know more about the Java course that Pooja just described, you may see the training details and a demo here – Other than Java, Internshala VTC is offering 8 more online summer trainings (Web Development, Analytics, Hacking, Python, ASP.NET with C#, Windows 8 App Development, Robotics, and VLSI Design) that you can check out here –

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