Internshala VTC v/s Others – Price Comparison Chart

Internshala VTC ( intends to make world-class trainings accessible and affordable for every student.

With rave user reviews that VTC trainings have received, we seem to be getting the world-class part right. But what about pricing? Are we staying true to our mission statement to make these trainings affordable as well? To answer this question, we decided to benchmark Internshala VTC training prices with similar (content and duration wise) classroom training programs offered by others and found that on an average VTC trainings cost 50% less than regular classroom training programs.

See the table below for more details –

Training HP NIIT HCL Tata CMC Internshala VTC
Web Development (PHP) INR 6,750/- INR 9,550/- INR 7,130/- INR 8,998 INR 3,499/-
Core Java INR 4,950/- INR 9,550/- INR 7,130/- INR 8,998 INR 3,499/-
Hacking N/A N/A N/A INR 8,998 INR 3,999/-
Python N/A N/A N/A N/A INR 3,999/-
Robotics INR 7,500/- (With kit) N/A INR 7,130/- (Without kit) INR 8,998 (Half kit) INR 5,499/- (With kit)
VLSI Design INR 9,500/- N/A N/A N/A INR 3,499/-
ASP.NET with C# INR 8,600/- N/A INR 7,130/- INR 8,998 INR 3,499/-
Windows8 App Development N/A INR 9,550/- N/A N/A INR 4,999/-
Analytics N/A N/A N/A N/A INR 6,499/-

* – The prices are as of 25th April 2014 and of Delhi-NCR region.

Hope this helps. If you have come across similar (quality, content, duration) training programs which are available at lesser price than Internshala VTC, write to us at and we’ll be happy to offer the VTC training to you FREE of cost :)

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