My expectations from entrepreneurial internship at Internshala

Himanshu GuptaWith the final year coming on and all the invaluable past experiences of working with different organizations that I had gained over these years, this summer my hopes are very high.

While searching for a decisive summer intern that could give my career a cutting edge and act as a launching platform, I stumbled upon the Internshala’s Entrepreneurial Internship opportunity. Voila! What I saw was an opportunity that could no better match with my profile. It not only carried the potential to develop my skills fully but also had the very vast scope for innovative thinking. Which organization can give you better opportunity to apply your ideas in real scope of life than a start-up?

I applied for the internship and shortly after got the mail from the team Internshala about fixing an interview. When Sarvesh, the founder and CEO of Internshala called me for the interview, the thing that impressed me most was “Wow! They do take their employees very seriously.” Just like any other big multinational firms, they not only checked the ingenuity of my profile and but also analyzed every aspect of my life from my childhood to education & past experiences to my future plans. Right after the interview, I was sure “That’s the company I want to work for. A company that take so much care while hiring its employee can never fail!”

What I am hoping from this internship is to challenge my potentials to the limits, freedom to share and apply the innovative ideas in real life, enhance my skills and most importantly carry an unforgettable exciting internship experience with me.

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