How HOT are you?

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It will be lame to ask if you want to be hot because the answer is yes (obviously)! But what I really mean here is hot in the HEAD. The raging anger which sets your head on fire (your personal volcano!). How often do you speak out of frustration? How often have your nerves felt fury? On the bus driver because of the traffic,  on the Maggi stall for too much crowd, on the boss for an overtime, on a friend after a fight, on the pizza delivery guy for being late. Isn’t it our actual feature daily? Are you proud of this hotness? No right?

Most of us today do not know how to control our ship, battleship rather. We steer it in the wrong direction. If you had a fight with someone on your way to home, the people at home are its victims. If you had a fight at home and rushed on the street in a hurry, the people you will meet are the victims. If someone during the traffic annoyed you, the car will be the victim. If you fought with your boyfriend, your phone will be the victim. So, ultimately in this court of life, we punish so many innocents, when the real accused it totally us. Yes, the culprit lies within us. We get angry, no big deal, everyone does. But what we don’t do is we don’t manage our anger. We don’t silent our anger. We don’t pacify our anger. And we surely  don’t COOL our anger. Because had we cooled our anger, we wouldn’t have been so hot today. *Hot in the head.

What we don’t do is think of something to keep our cool. Now, I won’t really suggest you a method here, because I myself don’t follow something too strict. A little, I ignore the things or people on whom I may vent out my anger, and a little too much I ignore the source of my anger. You can follow anything that suits you. Stay quiet. Take deep breaths. Listen to music. Talk to someone. Take a stroll. Watch comedy. Anything for that matter but always ask yourself, if what you’re going to utter in anger is: #1-sincere #2-significant #3-selfless If the answer to even one of the above ‘S’ is NO, then you need to remember another ‘S’ i.e. SHHHH…! When you surely would fix nothing by talking crap, you would certainly not harm anything by staying shut. If this also doesn’t quite work for you, then here is the simplest theory:   Remember, anyone can be HOT, but it takes a real someone to be COOL. ;)

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About author : Ishita Goel is a 2nd year Dual Degree (B.Tech + MBA) student at Mukesh Patel School of Technology and Management, NMIMS Mumbai.

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