Internship at Internshala: A new experience

radhika bhatiaThe moment I finished with my final exams, first question that came up in my mind was, ‘what next?’ Having completed my graduation, no plans for post graduation this year, I had no clue what I would be doing for the next few months to come. After all, who loves to spend weekdays at home and do nothing at all?

I applied for the business apprentice program at Internshala. I had no idea what was going to be the result after my telephonic interview. After receiving the offer letter from Sarvesh, I was filled with excitement and nervousness on being able to grab this opportunity. I felt a little more confident about myself. Denial did not seem like an option. Working in a start up was something I had always been looking for, and here I am. I came to my workplace with an open mind, with just a few and not-so-silly expectations.

A cool and friendly environment to work in. A warm welcome to the office and my work desk delighted me. My excitement was taken to a new level altogether :)

Workload enough to keep me busy throughout the day. Whatever the task may be, big or small, I hope I learn something from it.

I am looking forward to my good days at Internshala, to work with my mentor,Shadab, and other team members. I sincerely hope that I will able to do my best and contribute for the advancement of the enterprise.

About author – Radhika Bhatia is a recent University of Delhi graduate and one of the first few ‘Internshala Business Apprentices’ to join the team where she expects to put her prior experience of teaching kids to marketing (don’t ask us how they are related!) and her ability to crack PJs to make the workplace a little more lively!

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