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The last year in college! The time when there is nothing more to life than stressing about exams, exploring the coolest places to hang out, scrapping extra pennies to buy your favorite dress and partying on the weekend till the Monday alarm clock buzzes.

And what about life after college?  Most of us are allured by easy placements after college. However, rather than straightaway jumping on the job bandwagon, fellowships could be a great way to discover yourself and the areas where your true interest lies. One can experience the real world only through hands-on work. A fellowship can help you learn more about yourself and at the same time it can enhance your career prospects.

So, are you the kind who has always wanted to be an active change maker but didn’t know where to start from? Well, here is a bucket list of some of the best fellowship programs available for the youth of India.

1. Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship Program
The Azim Premji Foundation fellowship program is an opportunity to study, plan and improve the condition of rural government schools in India. It is a rigorous 2 year full time paid program which comprises of:

  •  5 weeks classroom module to strengthen conceptual understanding of education and development issues
  •  22 months of intense field engagement at the grass roots level in the District Institutes of the Foundation.
  •  Working on a live project that has significant purpose of improving quality at practice level.

(For more information, visit http://www.azimpremjifoundation.org/)

2. Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship
Ever wondered how our parliamentarians work? How do they manage their time? How a day in a parliamentarian’s life goes by? The Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) fellowship places one legislative assistant to work with one MP for a period of 11 months. The best and the brightest young individuals are selected and are exposed to the working of parliament and the legislative process. Throughout the duration of the fellowship, the fellows work closely with the MP and help him in his parliamentary duties which include writing speeches, raising questions regarding matters of public importance, etc.
(For more information, visit http://lamp.prsindia.org/thefellowship)

3. Make a Difference (MAD)
Make a Difference is a non-profit organization which works to ensure that every child who enters a shelter home in India leaves it fully rehabilitated and with the necessary skills to thrive in the real world. Through MAD, underprivileged children are provided with education, care, personal development and emotional well being. As a volunteer, you can help the children in their education by taking after school classes or you can also volunteer as a career adviser to the students. You can even help the team in organizing various events, thus, making a difference!

(For more information, visit http://makeadiff.in/uat/)

4. Young India Fellowship

The Young India Fellowship is committed to develop change agents for India through a multi disciplinary program guided by eminent leaders and scholars. It seeks to groom 100 young men and women from around the country in a one year residential post graduate program. The fellowship encourages and mentors young minds in a diverse set of subjects and perspectives.
(For more information visit http://www.youngindiafellowship.com/)

5. Gandhi Fellowship
Gandhi Fellowship is an intensive two year rural residential program where the fellows are assigned 5 schools each. The primary role of the fellows is to strategically help the headmasters of these schools to bring about a significant transformation in the schools. This program equips the fellows to hone their leadership skills as well as their problem solving abilities. They have to overcome the challenges and improve the quality of learning, increase student enrollment, improve mid day meal system, etc.
(For more information visit http://gandhifellowship.org/faq.php)

6. Teach for India Fellowship
The fellowship of Teach for India is one of the most reputed fellowships that a student can take up. The Teach for India Fellowship is a 2 year full time paid commitment in which the most promising graduates and professionals are placed as full time teachers in under resourced and low income schools. The fellowship program develops leadership abilities among the fellows and compels them to think critically about the problems that are plaguing the education sector at large. Volunteering opportunities are also available for students.
(For more information, visit www.teachforindia.org)

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About author : Tanvi Sharma is a 2nd year B.A. (Hons), Political Science student at Gargi College, New Delhi.

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