Summer Internship at his own college – Prasad N R from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Prasad N R, a third year student of Electronics & Communication Engineering at Ramaiah Institute of Technology, tells how his willingness and desperation to get an internship gave him an extra edge over other more suitable candidates. Read on to explore his internship story.

The hopes all started with Internshala portal. The opportunities provided to me by this portal were plenty. Wow! I had never seen so many opportunities flooding into my inbox before. I applied for research internship- The Fermilabs Chicago internship from US national particle accelerator laboratory through Internshala. What a help they provided! Guiding me through every single step. I owe a big thanks for all the help, I reached the final round (Round 2 where assignments were submitted). But, to my utter dismay, I lost out in the last round and did not receive a call.

That was one of the two internships I had applied for. Feeling bad, I was very desperate to get an internship somewhere. So, I did stumble upon one more. This time, in my very own college. They happened to be from Student Nokia Developer community. They had an online profile checking and a workshop. A test was conducted on the basis of that workshop. They also had a technical round and a HR. Gosh! So many of them for a handful of students. This was meant for students of CS and IT but, I was from Electronics and Communication.

It was a nice sarcastic match for me. They were particularly very interested in me because I had submitted codes in C while they had asked in Java (Alas! That was the only proper language which I knew). The reason what they told me for taking me in was — I persisted while others hesitated.

Finally, out of around 150 registered students, 21 were taken in. And out of 21 students, only I was from Electronics and Communication!

Conclusion: Internshala portal provided me with abundant opportunities and I tried to get into so many and finally ended up landing into a completely new arena. I had a scoop.

During my internship, the seniors provided me with a conducive environment and taught me all the basics of Java and android for which I am grateful to them.

An app named ‘Trails’ has hit the Nokia store finally.

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