My experience as an ISP – Ayush Vatsa from Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow

Ayush_picAyush Vatsa, an enthusiast Internshala Student Partner, shares his experience of being an ISP and the things he has learnt in the journey with Inernshala. Ayush is a final year student at Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow. Read on to explore more about his experience.

Panic, anxiety, brouhaha…these were the words that can truly describe my mental state before ISP happened to me. Third year of my B.Tech was about to complete and I was still hankering around for a meaningful internship. Nevertheless, it has been rightly said, “Where there is a will, there is a way” and I truly associate myself with this proverb. Being a regular visitor of Internshala, I finally landed upon Internshala Student Partner (ISP). For a moment, I thought that an organization which aims to be an ‘encyclopedia of internships’, is offering one itself. I was in no mood to let go off this golden opportunity. I applied for it and within a fortnight received a mail conforming my selection as an ISP. And thus, began the odyssey of transition from ordinary to extraordinary.

I was excited, astonished and confident. The day I was selected, was remarkably exceptional. Firstly, I was told the exact role of an ISP. Secondly, there was the challenge and finally, the promising returns. As we all know, as an ISP, we need to promote Internshala’s products and services at our college campus. My task was to promote Internshala’s VTC at my campus. It was a highly daunting task and to be honest, I was quite reluctant in taking up that task. At first, it seemed impossible to me to convince my college mates to take up summer trainings at Internshala. But gradually, as the time passed, I realized that may be an honest effort would pay off. I was quite a familiar face at my college. Being an active participant in various technical, cultural and literary events, most of my batch mates, seniors as well as juniors were fully acquainted to me. I started promoting VTC through various mediums among my friends, classmates and others. Online, offline, texts, messages, posters, pamphlets etc. were the various mediums of promotion. And finally, after a month of rigorous promotions, my efforts paid off. I was able to convince many friends of mine and they happily did the payments. Though, I was a late bloomer, I did well (not bragging). The entire Internshala team was highly supportive and encouraging throughout my ISP journey. Special thanks to Shekhar sir.

Thus, the importance and worthiness of this program can be deduced from the fact that today, I am asked to write a blog about my work experience. It simply indicates that how much positive change it had attributed in me. The most enticing part of this program was that it provided an ample amount of learning space. I learned how to communicate my thought to others. I learned how to convince others by manipulating their thought process. I learned how to be professional and various work ethics of corporate world. Besides, if you are an ISP, you are privileged for other internships, contests, and rewards that are offered by Internshala only for ISPs.

Thus, if I have to sum up, I would say that Internshala provided me a life time opportunity to fall into the league of extraordinary college students. The certificate that I had received really adds tons of weight to my resume. I thoroughly enjoyed this odyssey and learnt a lot. It always feels great to be a part of such a meaningful and purposeful organization. Thanks Internshala.

“It’s good to take up a challenge and commit yourself to it, rather than to skedaddle from it.”- My most valuable extraction from ISP.

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