Problems that Every Indian Student Will Relate to.

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Student life. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this intensely dramatic, depressingly complex, highly annoying and extremely fearful phase of life? Exaggerated as it might sound, but we would also like to put ourselves in slight opposition to those who project student life as a highly exciting and glittery musical drama filled with Gucci sunglasses and Sarojini ke kapde. Having said that, we would have loved Karan Johar to be the creator of this tumultuous phase. At least the problems mentioned below would have come to no existence.

1. Mera Beta Doctor Banega – Technically, the problems start much before the advent of our student life. Intense speculations start right after your birth where the entire world manages to decide which career you should be opting for even before deciding a suitable name for you. You come into this world, all rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to conquer the universe and then there is this huge crowd that surrounds you speaking of the depressing times that wait. Does the limit to such dreadfulness exist? We think not.

2. The Great Task of Mugging up – We can write a thesis on the trials and tribulations faced while strictly adhering to the most important code of conduct of our education system, mugging things up. The day before Social Studies or Business Studies exam is like preparing yourself to be hanged for the next day. Charged guilty of possessing a brain incapable of memorizing thousand pages.

3. Tuitions – Math tuition on Monday. Economics tuition on Tuesday. Physics and chemistry back to back classes on Wednesday ending at 10:00 p.m. Self-study is a myth in our times.

4. Marks. Percentages. Grades. – Our lives start and end with these digits. And then there are folks who will lovingly advise you to not run after marks but to gain knowledge, but on the result day, would be the first ones to chide you for following their suggestion. And then we have our own Kaha aa gaya hoon? and Kyun aa gaya hoon? moments.

5. BoardsSay-that-word-again-and-I-will-punch-you-in-the-face moment. It’s that phase when even the most chilled out ones face a nervous breakdown. And as if the exams were not devilish enough, the sky rocketing cut-offs simply underrate the purpose of our existence. Also, some credits be given to those who marinate it with masalas and tadkas in the right quantities. Boards mein acche marks nai aaye to zindagi mein kuch nai kar paaoge. to Boards mein acche aa gye to life set hain. Being a college student now, I can write a thousand page epic on how the above two statements are massively untrue.

6. Saving Things up for the Last Moment – We, the Indian students, are experts at procrastinating. But all the conviction and pride fly away when we take our exams and realize that we had done nothing throughout the year. Next time pakka padhunga is a resolve that each one of us has taken atleast once in our student life.

7. Expectations of Parents AND of Colony ke uncle, Delhi ki aunty, and London Ke Mama Ji – A heavy sack to be borne wherever we go. Getting 9.5 out of 10 is just not enough. It’s interesting how academic accomplishments form a major part of their expectations. Can be a major area of research, no?

As students, we clearly have too much to deal with. However, No matter how many exams we have to take, how many sleepless nights we have to go through, how many cranky teachers we have to deal with and how many books we have to mug up, our friends and parents make the roller-coaster ride worth it.

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About author : Madhuwrita Nandi is a 2nd year B.A (Hons.) student of Gargi College, University of Delhi.

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