Summer Internship at Kidzee (preschool) – Aakriti Garg from Amity School of Engineering & Technology

Aakriti Garg went restless this summer of sparing holidays for nothing while just sitting at home and tried her hands on the work she admires. She landed as a drawing teacher in the summer camp by Kidzee school. Aakriti is a 3rd year student of Computer Science & Engineering studies at Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Noida.

Here it goes! As my vacations started, I felt like I had no work to do. No assignments, no test, no homework. I felt I might get into depression of doing nothing. As it is rightly said, empty mind is a house of devil. For maybe a week or so, I just sat at home with television, junk food and a lot more of unnecessary things

A few days later, I thought I can teach the little ones drawing and painting (I tell you I am actually good at it). I designed a few pamphlets and got them distributed in my colony and also near by society. Guess what? Instead of receiving kids, I received a call from the very popular playschool–Kidzee. The head of the Kidzee branch saw my pamphlet and by luck they were looking for a drawing teacher to conduct a summer camp in their school. I was so confused about what to say and what not to. Since I had no previous professional experience. They called me to their office the next day without even asking my age, my experience. They actually asked nothing about myself on the phone.

The next day I went to their office with a rough CV and with few of my older craft works. They seemed unsatisfactory with my piece of work. This was the moment when, at one hand, I wanted the job and, on the other, I didn’t because I was afraid of the new environment. They decided to give me another day so that I could bring up more of the samples. The same day when I went home, some creative animal was born inside me and I developed some really good samples. I guess Pablo Picasso’s talent was growing in me. I remember I didn’t grab my lunch, nor even dinner that night. In my mind, only ‘creativity’ was running. I wanted to show them the best samples. Something they could not think of. I saw around 50 to 60 youtube videos that day. You must be thinking– “Aisa bhi kya banaya isne?” A huge glass painting and a queen out of clay and a couple of other small craft items. There were around 8 or 9 things in total (which was a big achievement for me).

The next day, I confidently showed them the samples of my work. They asked me for my expected salary. I seriously had no clue. I asked them to decide themselves, and yes, I looked very dumb while saying this. Whatever! I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was that I got my first job. However, they offered me a good amount to which I was satisfied and very happy. I go the job and received an appointment letter on 8th June 2014, I remember. They asked me to decorate their classrooms before the camp starts. I tried my best to make sufficient number of items to cover the whole classroom. But soon, I gave up. I called up the person who appointed me. I told her that it is not possible for me alone to decorate the classrooms. I thought I will have to say NO, because I had already put in a lot of hard work. But to my surprise, they send three-four other teachers to help me with the decoration, and we started to get going after that. Finally, it was done. The day had come. When I have to be addressed as Aakriti ma’am :D

I was ready. Wearing a Kurta Pyjama, with attendance register at one hand and a handbag at the other. Nobody there made me realize that I am a newcomer and too young amongst all of them. Soon, the kids also started liking me. The best part out of the whole day would me during the lunch break. We (me and kids) used to do a lot of masti at that time. They actually loved me and I loved them more. Perhaps, the naughty ones had seen the evil side of me as well.

On the last day, my parents seemed happy . They appreciated my work. And I, being the one  who was going away, was a bit upset. That day, I got my first cheque (feelings of which cannot be expressed in words). KIDZEE was a small but a very beautiful memory of my life.

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