Summer Internship at National Institute of Technology Shillong – Supriya Prasad from Mody University of Science and Technology

Supriya Prasad interned at National Institute of Technology Shillong and shares an exciting story of her internship. Supriya is a student at Mody University of Science and Technology. Read on to explore the amazing experience she has had during her internship.

May be I can call this internship as “Summer Camp”!

Who hasn’t watched “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” and often got fascinated by the ‘Summer Camp’ thing? Yes, now everyone is getting dissolved in that scene. Once in a while everyone has imagined themselves to be a part of that camp. Isn’t that really great? I mean to pack your bags, travel to a hill station, exchange pleasantries, befriend new buddies, hang out together, click pictures and blah..blah..blah. Indeed, it does sound exciting and thrilling as well. Now, this might be instigating you guys to gather your bags and set out for such camp, right? Well, I feel really lucky that this long cherished dream of mine has been fulfilled. Oh…don’t be envious! If you haven’t yet than at least you can enjoy your dreams by tasting my story.

It was 9-June-2014, clock striking 7:15 PM, thundering and lightning accompanied by heavy rainfall. Lights went off. I was sitting on a chair. No, guys there isn’t any ghost coming on my way…wink wink wink…! This was the scenario exactly forty-five minutes before my departure. I vividly thought “Kya me jaa paungi aaj’? Why it has to rain today only? What if I met with an accident since it was raining cats and dogs?” My mind was incessantly racing with such dramatic thoughts and my heart was constantly praying, “God, please stop the rain!” With each prayer the sound of rain doubled and my dramatic thoughts tripled. The clock stroke 7:50 PM and the weather was worse even. My mom opened the gate and the rain water gushed down the road. I thought that the bus would be cancelled but no, it did not. There was darkness all over. All that we could hear was thundering and all that we could see was utter darkness. I ran through the street with an umbrella in one hand and torch in another. I reached the road only to find water dripping from my hairs and my clothes wet. Meanwhile, my father spotted the bus and shouted at me, ‘The bus is here…can’t you see?’ I ran into the bus and grabbed my seat. A great sigh of relief! Then a smile wore me which was switching to laughter nonetheless I had to control as my father was seated beside me. Just 15 minutes past boarding the bus, the density of rainfall dwindled. I hardly slept a wink that night as was excited for the new morning, new hostel, and new friends, new Facebook cover picture but kinda dreadful about the new food.

Going through some wrong routes I was finally happy to reach the NIT, Shillong campus and thus completed the formalities and even enquired about the number of registrations. I scrolled my eyes down the computer screen to check out the intern named Divya, I already had befriended on gmail and yes, it was there. I, then went for some shopping and then my father dropped me to the hostel and left. I went straight to my room which was on third floor only to realize that the first floor was already filled with the interns. By then, Divya took my number and gave me a call. I went downstairs in the evening and asked the girl approaching me, ’Hey, are you Diya?’ ‘Yes, hi.’ Then, we exchanged pleasantries and thus, began a new friendship. I realized that I was the only junior there having completed my second year while everybody else was done with their third year. She asked ‘Why did you join here as an intern, it is not important for you at this level?’ I gave a thought and replied “I applied for it and my application was accepted so I thought it is an opportunity for me to grow.” She smiled and said, “Oh, yeah that is great!”

The girl who was going to be my room partner arrived two days late. The best thing was that we already exchanged numbers on Facebook and became fast friends. She arrived with a big smile and I felt that I’ve known her for years. In no time, we became best buddies. In the evening, we sat discussing about the web languages PHP, HTML, JavaScript. Both Shreya and Divya continued with their project topics, ideas and languages. It was then, I realized that I knew very little about the languages and despite knowing the fact that I was a year junior to them, I felt little perplexed. I said “I really don’t have depth knowledge about the languages.” They said, “Don’t you worry, we are there.” I felt happy and relaxed. We reached the college next morning only to find that we three would work together on the same project. We all exchanged a big dollar smile and later a high five. Our mentor was really frank and cooperative. He gave the guidelines and ideas about the project and then we moved to library. We couldn’t connect to internet and so we thought to leave when a guy turned back to us and said, “Let me connect.” He tried hard but he failed and thus, failed to impress us too. We said “It’s okay, we are going to the server room and controlled our laughter.” We also exchanged some pleasantries. We came out and laughed badly. Later, the guy introduced himself as Shiva from BITS, Pilani and the other guy with him named Siddharth was from HBTI, UP. Five of us became best buddies and often we went around the city and other tourist attractions on each weekend and clicked hundreds of photos.

I was all surrounded with intelligent people from renowned colleges. I was so inspired when these guys discussed about their new theories and ideas. It instigated me to reshape my dreams and bring forth the best in me. Every time they talked about their theories, my aspirations would reach a new level. The level of “Yes I can” kept increasing day by day and a new vigor surged in me and a better ‘me’ was growing. By then, we had started to progress with our project and am really blessed to meet such friends. Both these girls always helped me whenever I was stuck. Always answered to all my doubts and queries. They guided me throughout the internship. I gathered too many information from them which was very important for me to know. I kept googling and learning from W3schools. By the end of the month we were done with our project and the best ever thing that happened on this internship was that our websites were published on the web. Now, I can proudly say to anyone to google “” and “” and my name would appear on the “ABOUT US” section of the web page.

In a nutshell, it was a great and an inexplicable experience and it’s absolutely not about whether I am in second year or third year. All that we need is thirst to gain knowledge. If we have a strong desire, we can achieve it come what may. We must avail ourselves of all the opportunities, be it big or small. I strongly believe that travelling to a place, meeting new people, exchanging knowledge, sharing thoughts and aspirations is the best way to learn. It widens our mind utterly as this internship did for me.I further learnt that-Life is a competitive world for those who bethink that they have to reach the “ZENITH”. They keep paddling, running, racing and even flying. Some fall on the way, some are in despair, some struggle and some walk with the attitude “oh! No big deal….it’s okay”. Some are passionate, some are deterrent, and some are fickle. Whatever we may be, wherever we may be; we finally find our obscure path and destination.

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