Summer Internship at Randstad India – Adhish Kumar Sinha from Prin LN Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research Bangalore

Adhish Kumar Singh interned at Ranstad India and shares his motivating learning experience. Adhish is an MBA student at Prin LN Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Bangalore. Read on to discover more about his internship.

“Life holds special magic for those who dare to dream”. I still remember evening of 5th April, 2014 when I was waiting apprehensively with twelve other students at college conference room for the result of final round to be disclosed. Earlier, I failed to secure internship with PUMA but I was not ready to give-up this time. At 5:45 panel entered and announced that only student who will be having an opportunity to be associated as an intern will be me. Soon those anxious wait, tuned into the moments of splendour and felicity.

This episode was soon followed by examinations and short break and these all seemed to be dull in comparison to what was waiting ahead for me. On 5th April 2014 at 8:45 AM I was at Randstad’s Bengaluru office waiting and contemplating about the learning and exposure I’ll be enduring from my internship period which was of two months. Soon my mentor Mr. Thirupathi Radhkrishnan, arrived and I was called at company’s conference room to have briefing session regarding the company’s business models, the way it operate and my role of business development intern for general staffing with project details and company’s expectation from me.

Within the time period of one week I was able to understand their operational model, competitors in the market and client relation. Next element to comprehend was cold calling and soft skills, and business acumen required to identifying prospects, which actually need lots of research firstly understanding the sector and growth element then segmenting it into the sub-segment (basis of revenue, market share, business model and different parameters), these are incubation phase of lead generation in B2B sales cycle.

Further stage comprises of getting to the concerned authority of an organisation and pitch for the company’s offerings which is required (research about recent hiring, average package and numbers) by that particular organisation and how our association can be supportive for their business function in term of staffing? This was to be developed phase of identifying leads and turning them into prospects. Here person should be good at communication and should proses skills to convince. Later phase consist of identifying the correct decision maker in the organisation through the concerned authority, who is the most important identity of this whole cycle and to secure an appointment to start the buying phase of B2B sales cycle . As this cycle expect business development person to be deliverable and slick.

With empathetic understanding of all these phases of sales cycle and idler components I was able to turn leads into prospects. Fructiferous knowledge that I was able to accumulate about B2B marketing through my internship were that it really needs patience and tenacity with the ability to think out of the box, one need sustainable internal interest and passion to perform and every interaction ( e-mail, phone, F2F) need attitude of confidence to console people sitting at decision making hierarchy .

More than all this I got chance to mingle with those employees of Randstad who still live by their passion especially Abhishek Dasgupta who has his own band named as Pulse Theory and often perform at prestigious events .And many other who taught me the meaning of work life and office life and how to spend weekends with your friends and family because at last people will remember you not your presentations.

On 5th July, 2014 my two months term of erudition and learning ended with submission of my project which has grip of contentment from both the sides and meeting Randstad expectation. In the span of two months I learned and earned Rs.20, 000 which was enough for me to buy a new watch for my sister and pair of Polo tees for my dad and a nice set of sandals for my mom. I really thank Randstad panel for choosing me and my mentor for mentoring in enlivening way.

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