Summer Internship with RS LiveMedia- Anuvind Kanwal from Gautam Buddha University

MBA student at Gautam Buddha University, Anuvind Kanwal (third from right), interned at RS LiveMedia and shares his internship story with us. Read about his internship experience.

Before I unfold my internship story, I would be highlighting the selection process which is an important part in itself and that’s where Internshala comes to rescue.

All of us face the dilemma of semester exams. This dilemma increases exponentially for engineering graduates, and even more for students like me, who are enrolled in an Integrated B.Tech + MBA program.

As soon as I was done with my exams, I had another challenging task awaiting me, finding a suitable internship. After tentatively applying to a dozen companies, I finally received an affirmative response from a couple of them. RS LiveMedia was one such company. You would be pondering- What is LiveMedia?

LiveMedia is a captive audience network of LCD Screens. Remember when you hangout with your friends in Dominos or McDonald’s, you tend to come across kinky brain teasers and satirical jokes noticeable on near-fetched LCD screens? That’s what LiveMedia does. Having a cogent name in the market, their hiring process is highly selective. Assignment submission and personal interview were the two benchmarks for the position of ‘Product Management Intern’. Of the 110 applicants, only 2 were selected to intern. I was one amid them to be offered a handsome stipend of Rs. 10,000 per month.

In any workplace, the first few days are the most important ones. Questions like- How to dress? Whom to meet? What to bring? always pop-up, no matter how calm one tries to be. LiveMedia was lax in this regard. My seniors always made me feel at home.

My job as an intern was to manage the already available resources, set-up meetings with the clients and suggest new innovations which could be implemented. Very few companies give interns this opportunity to perform eminent work. I never considered myself a nine-to-five person but working with LiveMedia changed my perspective. I finally began to cherish the work culture.

One day I was asked to host a webinar with a foreign client. My errand was to take notes and provide insights. I was eminently nervous but, that’s when I realised that one shouldn’t stress over it. Think of it as an opportunity to share your knowledge with others, and not as something that you just have to get over with.

As days passed, work became more of an hobby. Satisfied with my output, seniors always encouraged and gave me an ‘attaboy’. One weekend, my guide invited me and my co-intern for movies. To make it look more casual and less work, we were asked to bring our girlfriends along (if any!). He was accompanied by his wife. CEO of LiveMedia joined us at lunch. I was amused by this wonderful gesture.

On the last day of my internship stint, I debriefed my seniors, submitted my findings and collected my stipend. This was hard earned money which I would eventually give to my mother. I was sad to leave but confident that I have indeed learned a great deal. I had really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at the company and the wonderful people I worked alongside.

Thank You LiveMedia. Thank You Internshala!

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