Summer Internship with Atos Worldline India – Vasudha Sinha from Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research

Vasudha Sinha, interned with Atos Worldline India, shares about the wonderful work culture she has witnessed. Vasudha is a student at Prin LN Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research. Read her experience in her own words.

The Murphy’s Law seemed to dominating every appearance of mine for a summer internship interview. The modest arts background did not help either, and I had, more or less, made up my mind to make do with whatever came my way, since I had faced over 5 rejections.

Atos Worldline India approached our institute for one more opening it had, surprisingly for a profile which I though would not be available anymore, since it was pretty late into the placement season. This time around, I went with really low hopes, only to be surprised. The interviewer, who would soon become my boss, had almost made up his mind that he wanted me on his team. The only apprehension that existed at that point in time was that the office was a good 50 kilometres from my house. So he left the ball in my court, whether or not I would want to travel so much.

I was thrilled! For someone who didn’t have an offer till the previous day, I now had the chance to reject an offer! Small mercies! I took the offer with open arms, and got straight to researching about the profile and what I would be required to do.

Time passed by quickly and the internship began. I have to admit, I was nervous, because this was my first real serious office, being a fresher. In retrospect, I realise I shouldn’t have been, because the experience turned out to be way better than I had expected. My work profile encapsulated marketing and advertising elements, the specific requirement being improving the visibility and customer engagement for the organisation using social media, events, daily contact mediums etc.

If I had to point out the best thing among the various great things that this internship offered, it would have to be having a really supportive boss to work under. Never during the course of the two months did he coax me, reprimand me, or throw around his weight,even though he easily could have, being at a very senior position. He made sure the work was done, he pushed me, but only in positive ways. Our meeting usually happened over caffeine doses in the canteen where the work talk was muffled by the various other things we spoke about like college and college life and Delhi(since we both had spent alot of time in the city).

He would have weekly review meetings with me, and because of his positive motivation, I was keen to never let him down. He made sure the work he presented to me was challenging. He was well aware of my non-technical background. Despite that when I proposed designing a website to communicate news and happenings in the space the company was working in, he encouraged me to design it myself. The e-payment space is dominated by technological changes overnight and hence having a repository of news and important event would have not only benefited the company, but this could also double up as an effective communication stream to clients. With this in mind, I developed the website, with the inputs of my boss and by the end of one a half month the initial draft of the website was up and running. My boss provided me all the support needed, whether it be paying for the domain and extra formatting tools or giving timely suggestions to change something. We later developed a template on which the news that went on the website could be pasted and this could be sent out to the clients as a daily contact stream.

The HR policies of the organisation also made work easy for the interns. All support necessary was provided by them. We were given great cabins with a brilliant view which were our saving grace during the post lunch sleepy hours. The office was full of young, enthusiastic people, determined to reach their targets and make the company bigger everyday. A very encouraging fact was that the interns were made to feel like their work has high significance since we were asked to make a presentation to the CEO, South East Asia once our projects were almost over. This gave us a feeling of being able to make a contribution, however small, to the magnanimous whole of the company operations.

While all of this went on, I still made the 3 hour travel everyday, and not once did I do it like a burden, because the work was so motivating and exciting. By the end of it, I had made not only an impact that I wanted to but I had also made great friends, who I still speak to. It felt a little sad that it was over. But I knew that alot still waits ahead of me. The internship was not only a great experience but also a little bit of luck, since not everyone can boast of such an amazing boss.

And when on the last day, at the pizza party farewell that was thrown to us, the HR Head asked us interns, if we had any complaints against our bosses, my boss and I exchanged a smile, I knew I didn’t have to answer that question. I knew that he knows how thankful I am to him.

I really hope everyone who interns anytime, gets the same work culture as I got, because it is then that you have a really steep learning curve and reach the maximum of your potential.

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