Summer Internship with Boostnet – Shivam Rastogi from Madhu Bala Institute of Communication & Electronic Media

Shivam Rastogi interned with Boostnet this summer and shares how this internship awoke his interest in digital media and made him a lucid writer. Shivam is a student of Media and Communication at Madhu Bala Institute of Communication & Electronic Media. Here’s his internship story.

The year 2014 started and I became more determined regarding my internship goals. By the time summers approached, I made sure not to leave any stone unturned. Even before the 4th semester exams started, I applied for the internship in major TV channels and big named Ad agencies. Sitting at home, I contacted them on phone and mailed them my resume, but in a way, I knew my mails were going to be a part of herd of mails in their inbox. As expected, I didn’t receive any confirmation call.

So, I started looking for companies through an online portal named ‘Social Samosa’. I came across a content management organization named ‘Boostnet’; even where I applied via mail. This time it was different, they reverted and further fixed an interview. But then, this wasn’t the sole place I was looking at, post-interview I was even selected at ‘Blue Mango Films’, one of Delhi’s leading production companies. But, still I went to Boostnet for the interview, having no idea about the written examination, I attempted it and passed with flying colours. It was time for a major decision, to choose one of them and it was Boostnet for me, the reason being proximity to home and fixed working hours.

June 4, exams were over and June 9, the internship started. Given that working hours would stretch 10 to 6, we had alternate working Saturdays and happy Sundays. The internship period meant for duration of 2 months i.e. 60 days started as a challenge for me. And did I mention it was a paid internship, it earned me my first ever stipend. The amount has been respectfully preserved and handed over to my parents; I want to look upto it for the rest of my life.

Life in office was way different from my earlier experience at TOI, here they made me work and learn things simultaneously. I got opportunity to write for major clients on their online platforms. Social Media as they say, I breathed that drug during all those days. Life turned digital, with running eyes on laptop and scrolling fingers on Smartphone; I was surrounded with things I loved. Handling clients like Lenskart, Watchkart, Jewelskart and Taj Mahal Hotel were not simple for me (genuinely before this didn’t came across commercialized writing). So this was the real challenge that lied ahead of me. For the starting weeks, I googled about them as much I could, read about their types, brands history, competitors everything (they call it brand research). One of the leading eyewear retailer’s facebook posts were written by me, the page that reaches across million people in the country. SEO Articles and blogs were another thing that were an added responsibility, being updated on the eyewear trends, styles and celebrity spotting became one of the things that I was supposed to do. SEO were all about writing articles of more than 500 words after you have been provided with certain keywords like eyeglasses or watches for men, I wrote more than 50 such articles.

Internship in a way made me more serious about the term ‘deadline’, there were times procrastination earned me a bad name. Eventually, I improved and delivered the tasks on time. Working as an intern here found my lost confidence in writing and refined my skills in a professional manner. I learned to write in as lesser words as possible. Having said that, I would like to conclude this piece with words of wisdom, Internships are really meaningful not just for the CVs but for the development of personality. It teaches you teamwork and refines your skills. Glad this happened and in the most interesting way!

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