Summer Internship with Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages – Sanket Paltasingh from Amity University

Sanket Paltasingh found his dream internship and interned with Hindustan Coca Cola beverages Pvt. Ltd. Sanket is a student at Amity University, Noida. Read on to explore more about his internship story.

The only source of knowledge is experience. It’s truly said that we cannot create experience, we rather have to undergo it.

It was a dream come true to work as an intern in a beverage industry from 5th May to 30th June 2014. I had finally got the opportunity to work in the Hindustan Coca Cola beverages Pvt. Lltd. I always tried to know the working of one of the successful beverage brand. Finally the date of appointment came from the sales HR manager to meet her regarding the internship. So, I reached office at the appointed time. I was overwhelmed with happiness of getting my dream internship. I registered my name along with whom to meet. Then I waited for her call at the reception. The reception area had only one fan that too facing towards the security, I was sweating as the temperature was too high. But I adjusted myself by roaming here and there in the office. Finally a person came and asked me to come inside who lead me towards the sales HR manager’s office. I was feeling very nervous and my throat was all dry. Then I greeted her with breaking voice and she asked me to sit down and asked me about my college name and level of study. She offered me a glass of water like she knew that I was feeling nervous. I was at my comfort level then and answered to all her questions.

She told me that before giving the internship topic to me, she would appoint a marketing executive for me who will try to make me understand the tasks of a marketing personnel, about how they take the orders from different outlets, how they convince and try to keep purity of the cooler outlet, how they bill the physical cases which is done according to the improved distributor automation system (i DAS), about permanent journey plan (PJP), how they calculate the ride execution daily score (RED) and stock of visible entry (SOVI) which was very much new to me. So she designated me with 3 MDs of the Bhubaneswar area and asked me to meet them early in the morning at around 9 a.m and asked me to learn the concepts and work, and then summarize the same after working for a couple of days with them which will judge me whether I am suitable to work as a intern in their company or not.

I was very much excited to know about these terms and its working. So I was all ready to meet my 1st MD. I met him at 9 am in the very hot temperature. I greeted him and he asked my name, then he started explaining about the terms and how they work in their designated area. He explained about supplying the products according to the permanent journey plan to the outlets. Then he mentioned about importance of creating strong relationship with the outlets for better sales. The same process was repeated with other two MDs, only that the rest two added me with some extra terms too. It all went for around 10-15 days. As the peak season was going on and everyone was busy in their work, I had less time to interact with them.

After understanding all the concepts and working of the company, I went to the office again and met the HR sales manager to explain what all had I learnt until then. I summarized everything and was a bit nervous if I’ll be qualified or not to work as an intern in their company.

Luckily, she was happy with my learnt concepts. She designated me with one of the cities of Odisha, i.e. Cuttack and asked me to meet the Cuttack area sales manager who will give me the topic to work and guide me through it. I met him, he gave me a topic and asked me to visit each distributor after every 3-4 days and work with them according to the topic approved for me. I visited each distributor and worked with them starting from load sheet of the products which mentioned the available products in the godown to supply to billing of the products. I went along with the route vehicle and billed the products supplied and the unavailable ones.

The same process was repeated till the end of my internship date and finally I had to prepare a presentation about what I learnt and give suggestions for the improvements in their company. Finally, it was approved by the manager and she congratulated me, and wished me for my success ahead.

Though my internship days were a bit hectic due to working in the high temperature in the summer season, but it was very much worth to work in the beverage industry which was able to break the monopoly of Pepsi in terms of sales. Then came the moment of joy and I received my internship certificate from the company.

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