In an era of never-ending cut-throat competition, we are enveloped within an environment of stress laced with clouds of trauma and insecurity, accompanied with dark misty showers of fear. Fear of being left behind others. Fear of losing when we are so close to winning. Insecurity of not being able to achieve what one yearns for. Insecurity of falling apart when we need to stay strong. Trauma of being drowned under the weight of expectations. Trauma of not having an upper hand in carrying out our responsibilities. Somewhere or the other, each one of us has gone through such kind of mentally harassing feelings. But, my friends, there is a way out for everything; we just have to put that extra effort to comprehend that way.

In the journey to achieve our dreams and pursuing our desired careers, Internship is the stepping stone. It builds up the pathway to reach our dreams. It is the trump card to hone our skills and to grow further. It gives a perfect reflection of one’s talents and helps in acknowledging the capability to which these talents are used. Hence, it becomes very essential to first choose the most appropriate internship and to do our best in it. But, as we are surrounded with screeching competition all around, there may occur times where things may go wrong and pieces may not fall into the desired places. We may have to work harder than we may have ever thought of. But, it is these times that we are not supposed to loose our cool. We must always have a positive attitude to every situation; whether good or bad, easy or hard. We ought to be highly optimistic towards tough times. These are the tests that one needs to go through so as to filter out all the blackballed stuff that hinders one’s journey to success.

We may encounter times where we are all alone to struggle through our problematic propaganda and no one to look up to, for help or advice; because as they say it, “Everyone wants you to do better, but, not better than themselves.” Human beings, keeping aside every bit of their humanity, are trapped in the rat-race. Everyone is keen on proving their worth at any cost. This very fact catalyses stress amongst the youth. And as the soothing canopy of guidance and indemnity of our parents and other near and dear ones cannot follow us everywhere; we practically don’t have a single roomie in our apartment of challenges. It is during these tussled scenarios that we realize the true power of ourselves. Instead of considering these happenings as catastrophe, one must feel privileged to have received a blessed opportunity in disguise. Such occurrences prove to be a milestone in one’s life because this is where one gets to spend quality time with oneself and accurately know his/her weaknesses as well as strengths. But, generally, distress overweights the lessons to be learnt in this scurry. We ought to be head-strong about our goals. The zeal that ignited our souls towards achieving a particular target should never be allowed to elope. We must not forget that stars shine only when there is darkness and it is completely upon us as to how we tackle this darkness. The easiest way that many take is cursing this darkness and simply scrawl towards giving up. At this moment, one must remember that if there are hundreds of reasons to give up, then, one needs to find the only reason to hold on. Even the most expensive metal, gold, has to go through a resolute procedure in order to form intricate jewelry, for which it is in demand. Similarly, these hurdling occasions are meant to refine an individual and turn them into a deftly skilled person. We must firmly believe that if God pushes us to the edge in the disguise of such complacent junctures, then, either of the two things will happen; either He will catch us, when we fall or He will teach us, how to fly.

Another crisis that one may face during this phase of life is the inevitable pressure that dominates the heart, mind as well as the soul of an individual; due to the incredible achievements of others. In this quest of outshining others, we begin to loose our identity, the very basis of our being. Instead of working our own way, we find it better to fit ourselves in those triumphant seats that have already been constructed by others. What we forget here is, “Be yourself because being in someone else’s shoes can never make you feel comfortable.” We are highly driven by the philosophy, “Grass on the other side is always greener.” We compete not to win, but, to defeat others. Vanquish of others appears to be much more glorious than our own assiduously earned victory. And if by any chance, we happen to loose; stress, anger and frustration is what we nurture. The problem is that we compare our behind-the-scenes with other’s highlight reels. We simply envy them and never try to look beyond this façade of splendor, the hard work and diligence which are the pillars of this very splendor. This is where we badly go wrong. Comparing our mistakes with the accolades of others (which may have been achieved after making as many mistakes as we do or even more) is like analogizing Hrithik’s splendid dancing skills with Salman’s dabangg attitude. It is just a sheer way of tormenting ourselves. Instead, we must be keen to learn from such procurements and work towards enhancing our skills. The flame to do our best should always be kept alive through our efforts and perseverance.

There is a highly recommendable need for proper stress management. The internally driven focus compels us to take full responsibility for the events that unfold in our lives, rather than blame them on fate or chance or some else, who we believe has played a major role in our success or failure. We do need a constant supporter and ally in our daily life. Those people who succeed against all odds are not superhuman, but they do have a consistent someone they trust implicitly, someone who accepts them unconditionally, while still challenging them to be the best they can be. There needs to be a mild disposition. People who are easy going can take whatever life dishes out to them more easily than someone who gets upset easily. Sometimes, it seems that if we don’t make a big fuss, we will lose control of a situation. In fact the opposite is true. It is our orientation to the world that determines how we experience hardships and react to them and that orientation starts when we are just infants. Those who have a sunny nature in childhood are more apt to have a sunny nature as an adult as well. Similarly, a sense of humor can pack a powerful punch. Humor not only lowers our anxiety levels but it can help people bond, even during tough times. Commitment is an equally motivating factor. Most of us like our work some days and not so much on other days, but those who are most apt to succeed in the face of adversity are relentless in their pursuit of what they love. They seek out those activities and interactions that are meaningful to them.
Hence, we need to understand what skills we must build in order to grow further and carry our best self to work and leave a lasting impact.

About author – Munira Arif is a 2nd year B.E Electronics & Telecommunication student at Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), DAVV, INDORE.

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  • June 4, 2016 at 1:28 PM

    maybe i would not have agreed to this before my internship.but,bot after gaining some experience, i feel connected to this article. beautifully written and summed up.

    don’t know how i reached to the blog of my favorite senior.
    but, i really loved it :)


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