Final Year Blues!

In between all the gossip at college addas, the canteen meetings and the late night parties, for all the final year students, there is one universally dreaded topic that always crops up, invariably! The topic of- What next? It is one of the he-who-should-not-be-named topic.

Somewhere, the years gone by washed away the perky ambitiousness that marked the first few months of college life. Somewhere, the now-no-more-a-teen phase sits heavily and wears down the freedom of anticipation that students once had. Reality kicks in and it kicks hard.

By the time the last December of college life arrives, the cocoon of certainty which the last three years provided starts cracking. Every action from now on is aimed at making this uncertainty a tad bit less while taking us a little closer to the goal. But then, what is the goal?

Others, though, have their share of confusions.

Semesters or Entrance?

For the third yearites its not only the future that appears confused, their present is equally perplexing. Final year presents a final chance to improve the scorecard that doesn’t look very impressive yet. On the other hand, it’s the only time a student gets to prepare for entrances; very important entrances, which will determine where he/she ends up after college.

College v/s Course..once again?

Entrances, being entrances, are a tough proposition in themselves. And what makes them even tougher is that no amount of efforts can actually guarantee a seat in the desired institution. The burden of expectations too adds weight to the already troubled soul. The student mind thus grapples with a plethora of questions like “What if I can’t crack the entrance exam to my dream institution?” , “A year off to take another shot at it or admission in the institution that lies second on the priority list and prepare for it alongside?”, or worse, “Should I just forget about the institution?”.

The Gap Year Conundrum

The gap year conundrum is another one of those puzzles that befuddle the student’s mind. Taking a year off to put things in perspective and make concrete plans for the future sounds like a good idea. But this attractive thought comes with a little star mark that says, ‘Conditions Applied’! Taking a year off comes with the risk of totally losing the plot. Besides, there is no going back, at least for a year, once the decision is made. So, a seemingly nice idea suddenly morphs itself into a dangerous prospect of wasting a year.

The Big Switch

There is always a little fraction of college junta who contemplate a change of discipline after their graduation. Three years with a discipline, they did not actually choose, makes them resent it. There is this urge to make the much necessary switch. However, this decision of switching too is fraught with doubts. The prospect of the last three years being a waste daunts them. Landing on an alien field and starting from a scratch while your friends start settling down can be an overwhelming thought.

The Bigger Switch?

Some final year students grapple with a different ‘switch’ question altogether and, needless to say, it is equally confusing. This confusion is majorly characterized by the question – Should I continue with academics or is it time for me to become financially independent? Seeing friends getting placed before the end of the final year only compounds the situation for them.

Yet, even amidst all this confusion and chaos, there is still a little room for dreams in those eyes as prospects for studying abroad are continuously discussed and thought about. All within the confines of that little mind lighten up as ‘top universities abroad’ and ‘scholarships’ hog their Google search history. That’s the life of a final year student for you, where hopes and apprehensions often go hand in hand.

So, to all those, who find themselves in any of the above situations, good luck and have faith.

About author : Amit Sinha, is a 3rd year Political Science student at Ramjas College, Delhi University.

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