A kick-start to my career- Internship at Internshala

GiteshWhile searching for my internship on various websites, I came across Internshala.com and got registered on it. On LinkedIn I came across a post titled “Business Apprentice Program at Internshala“. I read the content of the post and applied for it. After an hour-long telephonic interview, I got selected (thankfully!).

I’m a person who firmly believes in the famous quote, “If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake; but if you die poor, it is definitely your mistake” given by none other than Bill Gates.

Keeping this quote in mind I came to Internshala to learn how a startup works and get a hands-on experience of working in one. When I came to the Internshala office, I was a bit amazed and surprised to see how a team of some cool, dedicated individuals manage such a huge database and are able to serve more than a million students.

I expect to learn a lot from here, especially how a start-up is built from a scratch and what it takes to keep it rolling. I further expect to work and earn the respect from my team members.

Being here at Internshala, I feel I am at the best place to gain the most required experience of my life.  I would thank Sarvesh sir and the team for giving me the opportunity to get on board with Internshala.

Summing it up, I foresee a rigorous learning experience at Internshala.

About the author- Gitesh Goyal is a Computer Science Engineering student from Thapar University, Patiala. He’s quite a chatterbox and loves networking with people. To pursue his flair, he recently joined Internshala as a Business Apprentice Intern and is involved in maintaining Employer Relations.

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