An internship for indepths of a startup


An engineering graduate doing a content management and operations internship- mismatch, right?

Well, a lot more is yet to come.

Today’s students do a lot more than just attending college– freelance assignments, internships, and some even start their own ventures while in college only! I too have this zeal in me to get a sneak peek of this professional world through the right blend of academia and industry.

Engineering taught me about technical know how, but more than that, what I learned from engineering was how to learn. When I decided to change my domain to management, I told myself that I would not let the scientific anxiety die in me, for I wanted to develop the art of scientific management in me.

While going through the bundle of concepts in communications domain (just for the record, I am an Electronics Engineering graduate), I always pondered its real life usage and economic feasibility. In my opinion, and I have always felt this, knowledge of a subject matter is useful only if you know how and where to use it in real life, otherwise it only helps in being a hero in technical discussions. To my amazement, this seems to be quite helpful in management studies as we are always forced to relate what we study to the real life.

Now coming to my internship with Internshala, I feel it gives a track to test-drive my knowledge and skills. It is a stint to provide me with grounded insights as what these books and presentations are in a corporate environment and an opportunity to witness (and contribute, however small) the journey of a start-up. I hope this internship would give me an opportunity to meet different people with diverse experience and learn from them. I believe this experience will give me a story to tell– a story with truth which is beyond university life.

As Internshala says “internships that matter”, I believe my internship here would certainly matter!

About the author- Syed Zainul Haque is a Business Administration Post Graduate student at Amity University. He is very inquisitive about the working model of start-ups and has recently joined Internshala as a Content Management & Operations intern.

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