When Santa came to Internshala

Santa 2

We don’t mean to brag, but guess who landed up at Internshala this week – Santa Claus!!

On 21st of December, a jolly old man with a flowing beard white as snow slammed the door to our office, came in and stood there with palms on his knees, huffing and panting. His huge red coat with white collar and cuffs did little to hide his protruding belly and we swear his enormous black leather shoes were of size 13-14, at the least. In a minute he stood upright and said in his hefty voice, “Ho Ho Ho! I’m Santa Claus, Father of Christmas from the pole of north”.

As soon as he finished, one of our interns screamed ‘Santa!’ and hugged him. Santa beamed with a smile, patted her head and continued, “Dear O Dear, I bring for you a gift, but only if you give me a chair to sit”. We gave him the bean bag to sit and with a remorseful face, Santa told us why he came to Internshala. Excerpts-

Santa – In a deep dilemma I’m stuck, I arrive here to try my luck. It’s my elves who got terribly sick, and now I’m left with truck-loads of gifts. On the day of Christmas I need them to reach the kids, else people’s faith in the fest will take a hit!

IS- Worry not O Santa Claus! We will bring you interns, the best of those. Tell us what kind you need.

Santa- Will they travel to my location?

IS- We guess that would be quite a joyous expedition.

Santa- They will have to carry so many gifts!

IS- We’ll put this across before they commit.

Santa- Excellent! Can they climb through people’s chimney?

IS- Just teach them before the onset of their journey.

Santa- Fabulous! Would they have pointy ears like my elves?

IS- No. But we have interns who can spread the Christmas cheer.

Santa- Marvelous! I cannot express my gratitude enough, you have been of great help while my times are tough. For all of this I shall be indebted. Tell me what your wishes are and they shall be fulfilled.

IS- We ask nothing for us, but a barrage of internships for interns of the earth.

Santa promised our wish would be fulfilled and parted with his trademark laugh, but only after complaining that people in India don’t have enough chimneys!

Merry Christmas!

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