My Expectations From Business Internship @ Internshala

The year 2014 ended with a dream about landing an internship at and the year 2015 begun with the realization that my dream has come true. Yes, I am sitting at Internshala office and writing this post as a Business Apprentice intern. An engineer interning as a business apprentice? It might sound strange to you folks, but for me it is finally good work! I was itching to get out of those circuit diagrams and signal processing books (You got it right, I am an Electronics engineer)!

Internshala is a small office with 15-16 odd members but the energy and ambitions are sky-high. They are definitely here to make a difference in Indian internship market. The selection procedure saw me getting in touch with the CEO of Internshala. Its not that you get a call from the CEO of a company everyday! Perhaps one of the benefits of working at a start up is that you directly get in contact with decision makers (hopefully some day I will be one of those decision makers!!)
Many people enter their internships/jobs with a lot of expectations but I have come here with just one- to learn as much as I can and re-define my limits. Learning new things at a start up, from giving presentations to engaging with clients to marketing, I look forward to have an unforgettable and an exciting internship experience.
About the author – Akshay Bhasin an Electronics engineering student from GNDU is very inquisitive about working with a start up that would give him hands-on experience and insights on how to run a company. To follow his interests, he recently joined as a Business Apprentice Intern and is managing Employer Relations.

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  • June 8, 2015 at 1:49 PM

    Buddy can you please brief me about this internship. I’ve been shortlisted for the same.


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