How to get an Internship at ExxonMobil

exxonmobil finalExxonMobil is an American oil and gas multinational corporation. It is the largest among the Big Oil companies. The company has its operations categorized in three domains- upstream (oil exploration, extraction,etc.), downstream (marketing, refining, etc.) and chemical R&D.

What are the types of internships available at ExxonMobil and who are eligible to apply?

ExxonMobil internships cover various aspects such as process simulation, safety studies, monitoring software, etc. The company visits few reputed colleges in India and offers internships to undergraduates in their 3rd and 4th year of study. The internships offered are mostly in the field of planning analyst and sales assistant. The selected interns could be placed in any of the ExxonMobil offices across India (Gurgaon, Mumbai or Bangalore) for a period of two months and are paid adequate stipend.

How to apply?

The company generally sets a cut-off CGPA of around 6.5 (subject to variation from college to college), below which students are strictly not allowed to apply. Requisite information regarding the CGPA cutoff should be acquired from their respective Training and Placement Cell. Students can also apply for internships at the company’s website.

What after applying?

In most colleges, the company conducts preliminary group discussion rounds (one or multiple, depending on the number of applicants) followed by personal interviews.

Round 1: The applicants are randomly assembled in groups of 6-10 members and are given topics for group discussion. The topics mostly pertain to current affairs.

Round 2: This is a personal interview round wherein students are asked questions ranging from technical to HR (mostly HR though). Few sample questions are:

Introduce yourself.
What is your biggest achievement in life?
What do you know about ExxonMobil ?
Why do you think you’re the most suitable candidate for this internship?

The interview process is generally held in month of November. The results are declared by the end of December through the Training and Placement Cell of the concerned college. The selected interns are assigned a Mentor and a Buddy. The mentor is supposed to be your guide and supervisor whereas the buddy will be guiding you with your day to day tasks. There are two assessments- mid-term and end-term. Interns are asked to present the progress of the projects they are assigned to and on basis of the presentations, certifications are given.

Word of advice from ex-interns :

Interview Advice : Be honest throughout the interview and have basic knowledge about oil and gas industry. Questions are mostly asked on the basis of what has been highlighted on the resume.

Work hard during the internship : ExxonMobil assesses its interns periodically and if your performance is impressive during the internship, there is a very high possibility of getting a pre-placement offer.

Software knowledge : Preliminary knowledge of few data analysis software, like TABLEAU, might turn out to be beneficial for students during the internship. Though it’s certainly not a prerequisite.

Amazing work culture : All the officials are really friendly and approachable in case you need any guidance or help. The work culture is very open which is evident from the fact that even interns are kept in loop about every major activity taking place in the company.

Brilliant mentorship : The kind of mentorship that interns receive is simply fantastic. The transition from a college student to an intern is smooth owing to the buddy concept.

An internship experience at ExxonMobil is very valued. Only a few other companies in the oil and natural gas industry provide such excellent opportunities for students in their under-graduation to intern with them and learn first-hand about the functionality of the field. In India, ONGC is another such company. Read all about Aditya’s summer internship experience at ONGC.

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Editor’s note- The information is based on the inputs by the ex-interns of ExxonMobil. Readers are advised to go through the ExxonMobil website or contact the ExxonMobil office for latest information. We would like to thank Mervin Joseph and Aarti Arora for their valuable inputs.

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