9 types of co-interns you are likely to meet

What goes into making an internship experience worth relishing? Put this question across Radhika, who interned at a startup in 2014 for seven months, and pat comes the reply – ‘My colleagues, sorry, friends! True that I loved the work and had a really good guide, but ultimately what I remember most fondly of my internship days are the peculiar characters I met in my office and the fun we had.’

Peculiar characters? Yes, every office has those. In this post, we try to classify and nomenclature the interns into certain categories. Check it out!

1. The joker – She’s the local celebrity. Jokes, mimicry, puns, FB witty posts, WhatsApp memes – she aces in all this stuff. Generally the happy-go-lucky type, this clan has one mantra for life – ‘be happy and make happy’.

1(2)2. The overworked kid – Comes in first and leaves the last. Most of her conversations revolve around work and she can often be seen cribbing about the sheer amount of it.

23. The go-to person – Can’t spot the bugs in your program? Need marketing ideas on the launch of the new product? Searching for a fix to your malfunctioning laptop? He’s there for all!


4. The invisible intern – Who? Yes, he works with you but maybe you, just like most others, haven’t noticed him at all. These are the introvert types who stay away from any sort of company. They exist at two places only – their workstation and their home.


5. The Diva – Apple of everyone’s eye! She might be the reason why your co-interns prefer coming to office when they have the option to work from home!


6. The Senti – Extremely high on emotions! Dives into nostalgia in every other moment and doesn’t miss a chance to emphasize that this is the best time ever she’s had. Friendly advice: never ever get her drunk.


7. The foodie – His favourite pastime? Discovering new food joints nearby office. He’s ever-ready for a party and drags everyone with him.foodie joey

8. The PPO Chaser – She’s in here to stay and she’ll do anything to get there. Word of caution: her behaviour may sometimes border sycophancy.


9. The driver – She is the localite who has a good means of transportation – preferably a car. By default, she’s an integral part of every plan that is hatched.


Tell us about your co-interns. Do they fit any of these types? Or do you have a new type out there which we haven’t listed? Comment below!

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