The 7 types of bosses

Bosses – love them or hate them, but you simply can’t ignore them. Better known as mentors, they are the senior creatures who are in charge of babysitting you through your internship. While in the previous article we labelled and categorized your co-interns (read it here) , this time we shift our focus on your bosses. Check out the list of 7 boss types –

1. The one with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) – She’s constantly on her supervising-spree and just loves to ‘set you on the right path’. Each and every work is to be done her way or else you’re doing it the wrong way.


2. The jargon-philic boss – Loves to throw in sentences like ‘improve our B2B communications’ or ‘please update the KPIs’. The what? – is the first thing that crops up in your mind. Then you go and Google it instead of asking him at the risk of sounding like a complete dork.

Jargon 3

3. The screamer – The more energy they expend on shouting at their employees, the more pumped up they become. These people are a direct violation to the 1st law of Thermodynamics (law of conservation of energy). His interns are advised to bring earplugs to work.

4. The escape artist – He always has ‘a thing’ to do. Sometimes it’s meetings he needs to attend, sometimes it’s for a socializing event and sometimes it’s just ‘a thing’. You need to be on your toes to get any sort of ‘mentor-ship’ from this kind.


5. The kewl guy – He’s a 16-year old in the body of a 32-year old. He’ll hi-5 you every other hour, comment on your FB status and use all the supposedly hip terminologies because hey, YOLO! Interns who work under this kind have a lot of stomach-ache, courtesy their efforts in controlling their laughter.

kewl guy

6. The workaholic – ‘Chill out’, ‘relax’: terms that don’t exist in his dictionary. He doesn’t know how to switch off from work and the worst part is, he expects his interns to be the same. Don’t be surprised if you get a call from him at 3 AM demanding an explanation for a task not done.


7. The perfect boss – Yes, they exist. May be in the parallel universe, but they still do. They are the right amount of fun, guidance, inspiration, and talent. You are one damn lucky intern if you find this person!

perfect boss

Tell us what category your boss fits in; comment below. Want to win over your bosses? You need to know these 10 perfect ways to wow your boss.

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