Internship at Internshala : My expectations

Hi, I am Aarti Gandhi and as on 3rd June 2015, I am the latest intern at Internshala. :)

So, I have been working with Internshala since the month of December (3rd Dec 2014 to be precise) as a remote intern and I’ll never forget the day I was recruited! I had my internals the very next day and here I was, attending interviews – three of them! All the time I was thinking – ‘How many more? Are they hiring me for themselves or for Google?’.

A week later, I totally understood why I was asked so many questions. I used to work regularly after my college and initially it was not at all easy. I was troubling my mentor for the silliest doubts and I really did not think I would last beyond a week. But as time passed, I got used to it.  Just as Steve Jobs said, “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed, the vision pulls you!”. Sometimes I used to come online even on Saturdays and then I would realise ‘Oh! its Saturday. No work today. :p’. Soon I got an offer to work as an in-office intern at Internshala and boy, that awesome feeling – unexplainable!

I was very excited to come down to the office. When I entered the office for the first time, I had never expected I will be watching Team Internshala playing Counter Strike, singing songs, playing guitar and having fun. Luckily my first day was an official fun-day because two of the most important people were leaving Internshala. Now its been just two days at the office and now I have seen an amazing different side of the team. They work so hard and are so involved in their work.

I just hope I could contribute the best I can and match up with the expectations of the team.

About the author – Aarti Gandhi is an Information Technology Engineering student from DAVIET, Jalandhar. She has recently joined Internshala as a teaching assistant and course developer in Web Development, Advance Web Development and with C# (Internshala VTC). Fun fact – she tells us that she decided to join us the day she looked up our team photo having a pizza party! 

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  • July 9, 2015 at 12:55 PM

    I would like to do internship in any electronics industry.


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