A meeting with myself at Internshala!

NimishaSomething surprising and overwhelming happened a year back – I got placed in one of my dream multinational firms. Something unexpected happened six months back – I resigned from my work at the same firm. Something exciting is happening now – I’m sitting here in Internshala’s office as a Business Apprentice intern.

After walking on the prescribed path – good school, great college, big multinational firm – I realized that satisfaction and inclination towards my work were nowhere on my radar. Furthermore, I was clueless about what I should be doing if not what I was doing; clarity towards a desirable career was nowhere in sight. Disappointed with the fact that my qualifications (which are considered really good!) richly contributed to resume but scarcely to self-discovery, I decided to explore – career opportunities as well as myself. Thus began the internship hunting on Internshala; never imagining that in the end I would land up getting one with Internshala.

I always thought of Internshala as an amazing venture since it aims to foster a much needed culture in the country – a culture of meaningful internships. And now, after spending few hours here, I can tell that there’s so much more that adds to its amazing-ness! It thrills me to see people working here in jeans & T-shirts (To me, it sucks to dress up in business formals everyday!); sitting on the floor against the pillar and working, if table & chair is not providing desired comfort; sitting together on the floor while having lunch and making party plans etc. Looks like this is what people call an awesome startup culture. But the best part is that even in the midst of all the coolness, I do not see people losing their focus on work. Now that’s impressive! Apropos this internship, I expect to do variety of quality work, learn as much as possible and get to know me better.

Looking forward to an exciting journey ahead with Internshala!

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