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cd38a508-fc34-4e51-bed1-59722d332ddf (1)After graduating in mechanical engineering, I was searching for a job/internship with a startup to learn about it’s culture, financialaspects and teething problems. You may well ask why was I so keen! It was because I love challenges. Furthermore, I knew that the experience would be really valuable when I come up with my own venture one day!

Now, while looking for such internships on Internshala, how did I land up getting one with Internshala itself?

I subscribed with Internshala and on the very next day I received an email from them with the subject line ‘8 internships matching your profile’ — an internship opening at Internshala being listed on it. I applied for that internship and got another email; this time it said that my telephonic interview was scheduled with Sarvesh, the CEO of Internshala!

You must be aware of the feeling that you have during the climax of an action movie. That strange pittish feeling in your stomach! I had exactly that the whole day. I was damn nervous, to say the least. “I was about to get interviewed by the CEO of a firm! Why? Why can’t a manager take my interview?” Such thoughts raced through my mind and I kept trying to compose myself.

Anyways, now I do have an answer to those troubling questions — Internshala takes its interns really seriously and therefore leaves no loose end while hiring the same!

Well, the interview happened and on June 9th, 2015 I had my internship offer letter. One of the happiest moments of my life!

On June 13th, 2015, I left home for the first time ever; accompanied by sadness and tiredness. First of all, I was travelling with a bag much heavier than me (you may laugh), but what made it worse was the disturbing nostalgia. I was missing home and friends terribly in this new city. But amid all such troubles, it was the enthusiasm for this internship that kept me going.

It’s been 2 months here at Internshala and office feels a lot like home already. For me, it is the informal and friendly aura surrounding this exuberant workspace, that makes Internshala an amazing organization.

I look forward to learn as much as I can about different verticals of Internshala, acquire and hone new skills and stretch my limits.

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