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10421262_10203963487550108_6515299689468966910_nLife never goes as the way we plan it. It always has something more in store to surprise us. The moment you ensure yourself that this year is entirely devoted to academics, that very moment you find something that your heart drools over.

After doing previous internships as content writer through Internshala, I suddenly saw vacancy for Editor at Internshala. I could not restrain myself from applying to it.

It was 3 at night and I filled the application and clicked submit. Rolled my blanket up and slept with no expectations. The following afternoon I just randomly checked my mail and on top it says “Congratulations! Your application for Editorial internship is successful. You will hear from the employer soon” This made me jump in my seat and I could not wait any longer to hear from them. Post that there was a 20 minute long Telephonic Interview. No doubt I was utterly nervous and was asked all sort of questions that summed up my life. But wait, there is more.I was asked to wait for an e-mail that would declare my result.Patiently waiting for the result was most impatient thing I did so far. I checked my mail more than 10 times in half a day. Honestly I wanted to be selected, even though for short while, but yes I would give up on everything else so as to be on-board with these amazing people taking Internshala at new heights. As the sun rose up and spread its lights across the sky, new hopes were shining within me and that very day I got a confirmation mail and my offer letter.

Post that, today I am sitting in the Internshala office and writing this. I never imagined that few enthusiastic people, a dozen of laptops and a simple idea can do wonders. Today people from all over India and abroad reach out here.  As soon as I enter the office, my eyes get stuck at a bright blue wall, covered with snaps of party times, a chart on the other side of wall declaring their high moments, a pillar in between stating their work culture and everyone else indulged in work. It was just 1 hour that I stepped in, and I was called for a ragging session. Well, don’t go by the name. It was utter fun and a platform to interact with these brilliant minds. I was surprised to see that in just 5 minutes the entire scenario of office was changed. Their eyes finally lifted up from laptop and they were around me, all charged up and curious. I was sitting in middle, nervous. I had thousands of wandering questions lingering in my mind about how I am going to sustain among them. I am still a novice and they all hold scroll of achievements and success. But they didn’t triumphed about their victory, simply accepted me with my imperfections.

And here I am, proud to be a part of this team and expect to learn more and more. Since I aspire to become an Editor and mark my name in print media, so the post of editor is all that I required. From my one month long internship at Internshala I look forward to do justice with the assigned duties. Editing and blogging is a wide field in which thoughts run in all directions. It is necessary to stream them and deliver the crisp content. I expect to have a deep insight in field of editing and writing. Since this is the first time that I am working in office during an internship period so I hope that I make best of this time and make each moment count.

It is rightly said that “You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great” so here is to new beginnings and a new journey on my way.

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