Internship at Newton Consulting India – Madhuri from Hansraj College, DU

Internship in DelhiIt’s difficult to survive in corporate world when competition is raising and you are in the process of learning. Madhuri tried hard to place herself in this cut throat world and was successful. Throughout her internship she maintained utter professionalism and cordial relations with everyone.

Internships are supposed to be crucial to enhance the experience heading in one’s resume. These are not merely a title to bear but could be the awesome learning curves in that tender age with hardly any workplace jargon and ethics to survive in the giant corporate world. Fortunately, I happened to live such an opportunity last winter. It was a Market Research Internship at Newton Consulting India Private Limited. To start off, the selection process was tedious, comprising of an assignment and two interviews which I happened to get through. And, then the ship was set sail and the journey began.

“Start putting some makeup to fetch some professional presentation. You are not posing a college kid but our organization when you go out there.” If on the very first day, the senior VP of the organization advises you that how would you feel?

SCARED, for you are not actually what it requires to be.

Or ELATED, for you are realized to be as much a representative of the organization as any other confrère.

Or INDIFFERENT, you might be too sceptic about things in this case as what you must be doing all this to abridge the imperfection. Well, what fascinated this newbie after this was, I finally found a critic who advised me to face the mirror not because she wanted me to see a reflection of my flaws but to put forth the etiquettes that I might be ignorant to see.

Coming from a premier college, having good grades and thinking yourself as street smart might be enough to get you in but not to keep your ball rolling. It invokes you to venture your perspective many a times but to gain a new and probably a better one. Technically, I learned hell lot of new things like developing strategies, field work, data management, teamwork etc. but these are not the learning I would cherish for a lifetime. So what this place made me learn in that period of time, worthy of mentioning?

I LEARNED, to treat people and to treat myself. Greeting a person with a calming smile and being concerned about their life by asking a simple yet impactful question “How are you?” does make you connect with the person, be it anyone. Having said that, isn’t business about making connection with your clients? It definitely is to the best of my understanding belonging to a business family.

I LEARNED, to live the blues with no melancholy. Though I enjoyed my tenure; not every day at workplace turned out to be a pleasant one. I certainly was granted the liberty to learn by making my own shares of mistakes but within the threshold limit and sometimes taught to have a sense of realization of this fact the hard way. For greater good, after every such eerie happening followed a piece of advice from my mentor of same worth as a verse of bible may be for a follower.

I LEARNED, to be accountable for my team as a supervisor. As they say, “You pull strings together with your team”, but nobody ever breaks it to you that you suffer their sufferings. Enough of times, I had to go out on a limb covering their misbehaving, reverting their pain on myself. My mentor would empathize with me on this. This is what leadership is, not giving up on people.

I LEARNED, what being presentable means. It’s not always a synonym for ‘get suited up’ like in most of the organizations. It is going about your work in accord with the occasion. I was welcomed in denim in equal measure as long as the day is not scheduled with going out and representing the organization on my shoulders.

Words might fail me in explaining it all. From sharing bread to equipping you with helping hands when you are in very need, defines the mechanism there. A buoyant feeling of equality creeps in when you eat with your bosses on the same table. You are bothered to think and give a damn if you don’t for your perspective matters. To soothe the heat, there is a party being thrown every now and then (not messing up with work hours and place) in which, regardless to say, every newtonite is welcomed. To be conclusive, I would say it certainly imparts the etiquettes into one until one aspire to sop it up. The epiphany of ‘I know that I don’t know’ (which is also is the philosophy of the organization) is the best equipment of a self-critic.

P.S.: To some people, these skills come across as basic skills (to the best of my endeavours) but what I am trying to articulate is “How many of us (aspiring professionals) have honed these?” Given our education system, we know where our roots lie. We simply prefer to be ignorant and pass on such opportunities, considering them not worthy of our time and continue holding our heads high!

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