Internship at Anmol Share Broking Limited – Kumar Keshaw from ISBR

Internship at Anmol SharingKumar is a MBA student from ISBR Business School, Bangalore. He believes that you learn more and scope of improvement is better when you intern at a start up. Read his story to know more.

How does it feel when you’re trying hard to get an internship and every time you get responses like “There are no openings”, “Sorry, we don’t hire interns”. Yeah right! That too happened with me. The profile I was looking for was different from what I was getting from the companies. So I started looking at job portals, internship portals, directly mailing to the companies (believe me they will not reply). Like everyone else I started losing faith in getting internship from portals or direct contacts. My 2nd term was going on when I got a call from Anmol Share Broking Limited. After the first round, they said “We will get back to you”. This is the sentence that I hate the most. The amazing thing was that they replied and this time with the offer. I was surprised and was feeling lucky because the profile was exactly the same which I was looking for. As soon as I finished my term, I joined there. In first week they asked me to do exactly the job I love to do. After a week I realized that I am working on everything and work pressure was intensive. However, the mentors were pretty cool and helped me a lot (actually in everything). I worked on everything I could imagine and not only worked but also implemented a lot of changes.

The last day of the internship is the best day for many interns (that’s what I have heard) but for me it was just the opposite. That day I realized that they never treated me like an intern. I felt that I was working there and was part of that family. I realized that if I would have been in any big company then I would have not learned as much as I did here. I would suggest everyone that if you really want to learn then gets into a startup or the companies which are still in growing phase. Trust me, Certificates are available everywhere.

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