Internship at BRICS – Aishwarya from Miranda House, DU

Internship at BRICSWe don’t get what we want but we definitely get what we deserve and she deserved the best. Choose the road which is less travelled and pave the way for others to follow it. We are just a tiny part of this world, have the courage to lose the sight of the shore so as to cross the ocean.


BRICS chamber of commerce and industries does not publicize its internships.

This summer I really wanted to do an internship with an International Organization as I want to do my masters in International Relations, for which experience of interning or volunteering for an organization that operates at an international level is recommended. However, even after giving multiple interviews I did not get a positive response from any International Youth Forum that I applied to. And trust me, I applied to a hell lot of them. But I was determined to get what I wanted. One night, when I was finding it hard to sleep I started surfing the net. My search landed me to the official website of BRICS chamber of commerce and industries. There was no mentioning of whether they take interns or not however, I decided to give it a shot. The next morning I wrote, what people would generally categorize as the most “unprofessional” email, telling them all about my future plans. I attached my resume with it and requested them to consider me for any assistance that I could provide to their organization. Honestly, I didn’t expect a reply. And guess what, they didn’t reply! *laugh*

I called them after two days and they said they’ll revert. However, when they did not, I called them again. They said they have discussed my “case” with their senior and will give me a call today. After staring at my phone for almost five hours, I received a call from them. I was elated as they asked me to come for the interview next morning. The interview process was strenuous, where they asked me to write an article for them right there, followed by a 45 minutes long interview with their honorary advisor and assistant director.

Finally I saw all my efforts taking the most beautiful form as they agreed to hire me as an intern for their organization for six months. The icing on the cake was the fact that they allowed me to join them on part time basis as I also have regular college and agreed to defray my travel expenses. I felt on top of the world. A paid, part-time internship at BRICS!!!!!

I could see why I didn’t get through the other places that I had applied to. It was because this had to happen. And now I firmly believe that in the larger scheme of things, all our initial disappointments are just stepping stones, guiding us to the ultimate best.

My experience here so far has been amazing, my seniors are very amiable and I love the work I’m doing. One of my favourite task is reading 3 newspapers daily, which is a part of my job. The sole aim of sharing this experience is not to publicize the fact that BRICS Chamber offers internships, which most people don’t know. But to convey the message that if you have clarity of what you want to do and why, then don’t hesitate in taking the road less travelled! Because we really don’t know how magically the universe works. And if we cannot understand how it works, the least we can do is believe in its power!

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