Internship at Central Pollution Control Board – Kartik from GBU

internship at CPCBHe was not sure about his way but he discovered a way while travelling on that way. Marks in schools or universities always don’t ensure you success. Here is a perfect example of that. He pursued with intense will and learnt a lot.

CENTRAL POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD’, I’m pretty sure that this particular organisation does not ring a bell to most of the people here. Especially the ones not at all associated with Environment. Well for starters; this is an organisation working directly under the Central Government of India. Primarily it deals with the Environmental rules, formation, implementation and one of the few hands on research centres in India. Here, I don’t write to win. No. The only reason why I add my story here is because this experience gave me hope at the end of every single day of my internship.

Being in India at the age of 21, you tend to think that your capability to succeed, your career, and your future is defined and hence decided by a few questions asked in the exam. That one topic you thought was not important would apparently change your grade from A to B and then you see your CGPA moving like an airplane with no engines, crashing miserably.

Okay, so about me. I’m yet another Indian guy who had no options whatsoever due to lack of practical knowledge. Our education system somehow dragged me past class 12th and then a kick on my back landed me on one of the million engineering seats that lied vacant in 2011. Thank god, being in a dual degree course changed my career path from Civil engineering to Environmental Engineering. In the year 2014, due to lack of interest in Civil engineering and Ignorance, I didn’t even apply to any internships. Though thanks to my father’s sources, I was now an intern at a construction firm I had never heard of. Long story but in short, I hated working there due to various reasons, but then I promised myself I will carve a way to proper and interesting internship next year.

So in the year 2015, CPCB happened. What was amazing was that although I was an average student, my willpower paid off. My will was to make my way through even though my marks were low. My will was to prove to people that what I have scored in exams does not coincide with what I learn in the process. At the internship, assignments were given to each intern and they were to work under a particular mentor. My assignment was basically research based and this indeed was a cherry on the top since I consider that to be my genre. The rest of the internship was pretty much monotonous from a ‘regular guy’s’ point of view. What came with the learning experience was a lot of pride and hope. Pride that although I was an average student of paper, there was something extra hidden deep within me. That *something extra* gave me an edge over other students of my class. I hope that success is sure shot as long as perseverance prevails. Or else who knew that a random enquiry e-mail asking if they had training options would eventually get me placed as an intern there.

So yes, my internship was fruitful indeed. Be it with the experience gained or be it with the most helpful government officials I’ve ever come across. They taught me that no matter what position you are in, be helpful. Central government organisation’s name on your resume is anyway going to make your resume heavy, figuratively.

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One thought on “Internship at Central Pollution Control Board – Kartik from GBU

  • August 21, 2015 at 11:08 AM

    Its a really good initiative taken at CPCB to provide chance to youngsters and giving them an edge over others..
    Also good to see youths interested in the programs and activity as Nowadays these trainings were taken as granted…
    But after reading the experience of Kartik, it feels atleast someone is serious about developing skillset and providing an excellent environment for students..
    Wishing all the best to all the students and hats off to the organisation for excellent initiative..


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