Internship at Thefundoo Infodecisions – Sneha from TIMSR

Internship at ThefundooJust few simple steps and sincere hard work gifted her a wonderful experience to cherish for life. She transformed during those six months and learned beyond boundaries.

Being an intern was one of the most exciting and inspirational phases of my life. The last semester of MCA required me to do an internship to gain industry experience by working on a live project. I spent weeks searching for the right opportunity – asking relatives, nearby companies and even fellow seniors about a good opening but nothing seemed to fit the bill. Then just like most of us who randomly browse the web, I decided to take my trusty buddy’s help- none other than Google baba. I typed “good internships” and voila! The first search result popped up- ‘Internshala’. What intrigued me was its name and who knew clicking on it would change my life forever. Registering in just a few steps, I was now a shishya (student) of this new shala (school). I browsed around and using the easy filters, narrowed down to a couple of choices. I sent my resume and the necessary details and waited patiently for their reply. Meanwhile, Internshala was guiding me all along; who has received my application, at which stage of processing it is, daily SMS’ regarding updates, etc.

Things brilliantly worked out with one of those companies and I was now interning with TheFundoo Infodecisions Pvt. Ltd. as a Technical Intern. It is an upcoming startup which works without any unnecessary formalities or corporate claustrophobia; truly a ‘cool’ organization! The initial days were filled with the usual apprehension and jitters. This was my very first experience working in a professional environment with a manager to report to and tasks to be delivered on a tight schedule. Although everything was new and foreign, it was equally challenging and interesting. Mine was a financial organization whose website ‘’ deals with mutual funds and other investment advisory services. I got to learn not only the technical aspects of the site but also the functional side and gain domain knowledge of how the entire investment cycle works. Since it was a startup, my role was more of a trainee rather than just an apprentice.

Life was much more adventurous and responsible at the same time. I was now sharing my lunches with colleagues rather than classmates. Lecture timetables had been replaced with task schedules and managers instead of professors. The six months flew by teaching me practical lessons that six years of college could not. And all this hadn’t been possible if Internshala wasn’t there to provide students and freshers a reliable platform to land an internship with some of the trusted sources out there. So be a part of this close-knit family of Internshala and explore the world of new age internships and start your wonderful professional journey.

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