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Internship at HPCLDoes your first internship story flash the best moments in your mind? Then go ahead and read this. Ulpesh who interned at HPCL, shares a wonderful story about how alone he successfully managed to complete the work.

Competition in the oil industry is a cut throat affair. Excessive Marketing expense is a thing that the oil companies just cannot afford, that makes it even tougher for the companies to survive, and that brings the loyalty program as the only successful marketing campaign, apart from the TVCs. That’s what my role was at HPCL, I was assigned the task of marketing the loyalty card program of HPCL, commercially called drive track plus. I was mentored by the deputy marketing manager, West zone. It was indeed a proud moment for me to with him as it’s never easy to get into a PSU and work with a manager up hand. The level of my nervousness was reaching its peak but as time passed, it gave me a lot of confidence with ongoing work and better communication. I was supposed to find new prospective clients from various databases and business directories. The idea was to generate a list of various businesses that require fuel in huge quantities and do cold calling to get them interested to engage with HPCL to replenish their fuel requirements. I was supposed to get the business representatives of HPCL to those clients, whom I had convinced to join the loyalty program. After successful completion of the task, I was then assigned a new role of analyzing the acceptance of the loyalty program amongst the existing customers; HPCL does have a huge clientele. I created an online survey form and circulated it amongst the key accounts of HPCL clientele. It was now the time to wait for the responses, clients used to call me to share their feedbacks. I visited them and noted their desired developments and conveyed it to my reporting officers, they worked on it and tried to provide compliance in the best possible way. It was now the time when I received a majority of responses from the clients. I began to work on analysis now, thanks to my college professors that I learnt some research techniques that actually put me through a precisely proven research paper. It was now the time for me to put forward my report to my reporting officer to review it. It was indeed a pressure moment for me but the report worked for me. It said that clients of HPCL loyalty card program were actually satisfied and that’s why they survey sites.

It was the completion of my internship now, all work done with full dedication and sheer perseverance to pull out the tedious travelling across Mumbai. The entire experience at HPCL was indeed a roller coaster. There were pressure points and of course merciless work pressure, and there was a superior feeling of completing the internship with full integrity. Nevertheless, it’s actually one of the best feelings to narrate your story and recall the lovely moments. Thanks for motivating me to write.

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