Internship at L&T, Dubai – Jaideep from BITS Pilani

Internship at L&TSomethings that we think are little, comes with the best packages and so was his six month long internship. He went with known strangers but returned with bundle of memories and best friends.

Internships are not only about learning work but are there to ease out the transition one makes from a student life to a corporate life. It was a six month internship in Dubai. I was ebullient about the new place and about the firm I was about to work for. It is one of the reputed firms in the world and to get an internship there was a dream come true.

There were five students selected from my college for the internship. Though it appears a sigh of relief but it was not. I was not a kind of student who was fond of going to college. I preferred staying at hostel and playing with my friends. Hence, I had no idea who the other four students were. As a matter of fact I had never seen them in my entire college life same as I had not seen the people at work. At the time of induction I met all of them for the first time. They also had no idea who I was and kept to themselves. I felt left out.  After induction we were shown our desks where we had to work and learn for next six months.

My immediate supervisor was extremely knowledgeable in his stream and tried teaching me everything he could offer. As a kid to Indian parents I was told to grasp as much I can, since it is hard to get these opportunities very frequently. It took me quite a long time to get familiar with my fellow interns.  Once I came to know them I found out they were very cheerful and fun loving people. We all used to talk a lot after work, eat together etc. After befriending them working there wasn’t that big a task which it used to be earlier.

There was a girl in our group. She was also an intern but from a local college there. She had very beautiful hair, glistening eyes, chubby cheeks and was not that tall but with hands stronger than rock. She was very kind and generous person with a enormous heart. Her smile had the capacity to bring a dead man alive in no time. With time I grew fond of her. We used to share everything with each other. I used to irritate her with my silly habits just to get her attention. In such short period she had become the only motivation for me to come to office. I had no idea that I was falling for her. She even liked to watch football which one doesn’t expect from girls. She was a full package. It was the last day of our internship and all the interns made a plan to celebrate outside. She refused to come as she had to go to her parents’ house. I was sad but still I went with the rest of them to a club. After drinking about 2- 3 pints of beer I was unable to ignore her absence. I could feel a void in my life without her. Everything looked dull when she wasn’t there. At that instant I knew I was in love with her. Now the major problem in front of me was that I had to leave for India the next evening. I didn’t want to express my feeling for her over the phone. So, around 1 o’clock I took a cab and went to her parent’s house. I wasn’t thinking about the consequences. I just wanted to tell her what I was feeling about her. Moreover, nobody cares about the consequences once he is drunk. The consequences come into picture the next day augmented by hangover. It was a 2 hour long ride. The cab driver was luckily an Indian. It took him no time to deduce my motive for this long ride at that instant of the day. As a result he was very helpful. He even stopped at a gift shop and asked me to buy a gift for her which I had completely forgotten. I was not sure of the address and neither was he. But without any frown he kept on asking the local people. After all these incessant trials we were not successful. I had developed a feeling that I won’t be able to meet her for one last time and that feeling gave me shivers down my spine. But the driver’s confidence made us reach her place. She lived in a wonderfully built apartments with an artificial lake behind them.

‘Will you wait till I return’ I asked. He nodded and I ran towards the lake. I called her and she was flabbergasted to receive a call from me at that time.

‘Come to your balcony’ I said.

‘Why? What’s there in the balcony?’ she asked.

‘Just come. It’s a shooting star’ I made up. Not much should be expected from a person who is 3 pints down.

She came to the balcony while looking at the sky.

‘I can’t see. Where’s it?’ She asked.

‘Look down’ I said waving at her.

‘Wooah!! What are you doing here?’ so shocked that it took her a minute to ask that question. ‘I had to tell you something. I have come all the way from my place just to show you how much you mean to me. These last months have been a wonderful experience just because of you. You have created a place in my heart which nobody else can fill’ I said in a go sweating vigorously throughout. It takes hell lot of courage to tell someone about your feelings.

 ‘Come down’ I said.

She came down and I handed over my present.

‘You don’t need to give me an answer straight away. Think about it and tell me over the phone. ‘I said.

We sat on the stairs and talked for some time. When that glittering moonlight fell on her face, it glowed like a firefly in darkness. I realized that it was the most beautiful moment in this world. I didn’t wish to leave but had too. I leaned forward and hugged her. While walking back to the cab I felt relieved. A ginormous burden was removed from my chest. I was overwhelmed that I got this internship and hence got a chance to meet her. That internship made me experience love for the very first time.

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