Internship at Alstom Power, Noida – Shubham from GBU

Internship in NoidaNo obstacle is big enough that it cant be altered. Shubham also faced hardships during his period of internship but his determination lead him to success at the end. 

My first ever experience of an internship held this summer at ALSTOM POWER under stress analysis department and believe me it was amazing.  My first look at the building was a jaw dropping moment and this made me excited so much that I entered the building in a rush without even a gate pass. This created a bit trouble as the guards thought me as of an intruder, but later it solved. In the beginning, the day 1, it was hell irritating because I didn’t even had a hard copy of my intern letter and all I did that day was just climbing floors from 1 department to another like a monkey. Then finally I got hold of the HR manager under whom I was assigned. I got the letter and was shown the way to my department. When I entered my floor it felt so amazing and good that it made me feel as if it was my first joining day of my job. I was assigned a chamber by my mentor and was instructed to just sit there and wait, but iInever thought that the waiting would be of 2 hours long. I was just surfing the net and clicking selfies and office pictures out of excitement. The office environment just thrilled me the 1st day. The next day I had a meeting with the HOD of my dept. an introduction meeting. Truly speaking, the person was so inspiring and hard working. The first meeting with him on the 1st day gave me a push start to work generously for my internship but the next moment I was like, altogether fallen down when I heard that my working hours will be from 9-5. I mean, I never had that much of working capacity and this made me a bit horrified, but days passed on and I got habitual of it slowly.

Some days really needed a lot of hard working and some were just boring. Some days I got to learn a lot and some days were just gone doing excel works. There, I found many new people, some highly educated, some very hard working and some were just there to pass those 30 days for getting their pay cheques but overall they all were good. My intern colleagues were from different regions of India and they all had a different taste and a different life goal. This diversity motivated and showed me various paths of career opportunities as I used to remain confused about my goal. As everything seemed so good, some things created hardships for me as well. My mentor was not that good and cooperative and this stood as an obstacle between me and my learning, but I crossed that with time as well as I used to go to almost all my colleagues with my doubts and problems. I learned the depths of a power plant and its various working processes, related my class studies with the actual working principles, this was interesting.

In all, I would say that I loved the work culture there, loved the people working there and learned a lot from them. Not just the bookish parts and theories but also the work ethics of an office. My training was of 6 weeks and those 6 weeks were truly inspiring and amazing for me.

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